Sze Kang Automobile Spraying Services

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Anthony Goh

Many people treat cars as an extension of their own beings; they give their car regular baths, they tweak their internal systems to perfection, and when they are injured or damaged, they take it to experts who will know how to restore it to its original beauty once more. One company that specializes in such restoration services is Sze Kang Automobile Spraying Services, whose services include assisting with insurance claims, spray painting, panel beating, grooming, and more.

Established in 1992, Sze Kang Automobile was initiated by the father of Mr. Anthony Goh, the current manager of the company who now oversees its day-to-day operations and marketing. As it was a family business, Mr. Goh was exposed to the business from a young age, helping out in the company at times. However, as he grew up, he initially carved out another career in the Air Force for six years, only returning to the automobile industry when his father had suggested so. Now, under the management of Mr. Goh, Sze Kang Automobile has now carved a name for itself in the automobile industry as a reliable and quality service provider.

Looking back at when he first started at the company, Mr. Goh mused that it was not an easy journey. One of the issues was his age. Only 26 years old when he first took over management of the company, he did not have an easy time bridging the gap to his employees. Many of them had worked in the company for years, and the idea was that Mr. Goh was simply too young, an inexperienced manager who had not yet paid his dues. Knowing that he does not have the full respect of his employees yet, Mr. Goh sought to change that. In addition, the automotive industry is a competitive and fast-changing one; new companies in the same industry are sprouting up continuously, and technology changes fast. Mr. Goh knew that if Sze Kang Automobile was going to continue its legacy, they will have to keep up with these changes.

Hence from the time he took over, Mr. Goh implemented changes which have strengthened Sze Kang Automobile’s standing in the industry. Firstly, they have now made their home in the Ang Mo Kio Autopoint, a multi-storey, sheltered complex which ensures that their client’s vehicles will be clean when entrusted to their care. Mr. Goh has also implemented certain procedures which ensure the quality of their services. This includes Mr. Goh checking the completed vehicles personally, opening up the entire process to their customers which ensures transparency, and implemented no smoking rules to ensure the safety for everyone involved. Today, Sze Kang Automobile is now a very active company in the automobile industry. They have participated in events such as the Melaka Medeka Endurance Race as a partner, implemented safety programs by PSB and HDB standards of operations, making sure their clients have a peace of mind when they hand over their cars to the company.

Yet, Mr. Goh is very humble in admitting that the Sze Kang Automobile has no plans for expansion. Rather, they would like to further improve their in-house facilities and technology, which includes the exterior up keeping of the workshop, and changing their current 2K Paint to a water-based paint which is less harmful. The emphasis hence, is not about increasing the amount of land space they have, but rather it is on improving their already high standard of service.

Mr. Goh himself feels very grateful and blessed that he has the opportunity to manage a family business; no matter the ups or downs the business may face, his family always has advice and support for him. With this camaraderie he has experience from his family, Mr. Goh sought to pass this experience on to his employees as well. “For every situation, I listen to all sides of the story. Everyone is all part of the company, hence it is important for me not to jump to conclusions, and find a common solution that will benefit everybody.” In addition, when it comes to comments and feedback from their customers, Mr. Goh has to manage these carefully as well. “Sometimes, when a customer is not satisfied, they may give us emotional feedback which is not beneficial to my employees. As the manager, it is my job to process and filter this feedback, and pass on the objective information to them, so that negative energy will not affect my employees.”

As someone who has worked hard to earn the respect of his employees, and get to where he is today, Mr. Goh has had to work just as hard as, or even harder as many of the young entrepreneurs. As such, he knows very well the struggles a young entrepreneur would have to face. “It’s all about believing what you do. You are the one to have to make things happen. Focus on the goal at hand, and if you believe, it will happen for you.”

With a seasoned manager at its helm, Sze Kang Automobile is gradually building up a legacy from its humble beginnings as a family business. We wish them the best, and have no doubt that Sze Kang Automobile will continue to provide impeccable services for their clients for many years to come.

Contact Details:
10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A
AMK Autopoint #03-17/09 S(568047)
T| 6481 2712

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