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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sherrie Tsang

P J Human Resources Pte Ltd is a licensed Recruitment and Human Resources Consultancy Agent set up in 1992 with the aim to provide specialized and reliable manpower recruitment services.

P J Human Resources assists clients by providing best-fit professionals through the special tailored recruitment methodology. Utilizing the unique methods the recruiting lead-time has greatly reduced and unnecessary resources removed. The result is that all clients can enjoy a higher level of recruitment experience with satisfaction. Services provided are mostly classified into resources placement and immigration related. Currently, the clientele includes both private and government sectors.

Just before the turn of the new century, she took over the managing role of the company. Being a business graduate from foreign university, she is much more sensitive to business climate changes, and able to analyze business scenarios better. She also carried with her many years of trading, administrative and recruiting experiences in MNC environment.

2013 has been a year with many new challenges for Ms Sherrie in shaping and steering the company in facing the future. The new business drivers have been confronted and dealt with employing strategies that are practical and sustainable. The implementation of various new initiatives, newly formulated in-house programs and deployment of latest technologies has rewarded her with new projects and business. Analyzing issues/problems, formulating strategy/solution and adapting to new changes has been her main strength in engaging business. It is her passion in providing the most feasible and achievable results for others besides her own self.

She is gladful to the SOE organization and Award Committee for providing a platform to enable business entities to learn from each other. P J Human Resources is also thankful to person/organization which has nominated the company in receiving the award the second time. “Now, I have a bigger challenge in driving the company with the awards.” she said.

“Entrepreneurship is not just simply about setting up a business, but it’s about understanding the industry, product cycle and knowing the economic well. It is also important to know your strengths and weaknesses as you are taking care not just yourself but also others in the company.” Miss Sherrie elucidated. “Being successful means you must continuously learn, adapt and improve” Miss Sherrie added.

It is without doubt that under her leadership, P J Human Resources will continue to prosperous and contribute to Singapore economy in many years to come.

Contact Details:
63 South Bridge Road #03-00 S(058693)
T| 6333 4690
F| 6333 4691
E| pjhuman@singnet.com.sg

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