Numero Uno Creative Group Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Angela Lim
Mr. Mike Chua

“Numero Uno means number one in Italian. If we do want to do something well, aim to be number one. As long as you aim high, you won’t be too far off even if you are not number one. Aim high. The sky isn’t the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” Angela and Mike accounted jointly.

Initiated in 2009, by both Mike and Angela, Numero Uno is an interior architecture, design and decorations company with just a handful of 10 scarcely apt employees. Numero Uno has propagated manifold through the biennium, seeing as the financial crisis; when Numero Uno was being realized, eradicated as the economy picks up.

Today, Numero Uno has more than 20 employees; nigh double the number when commenced, all adept, experienced and primed to take on any task or assignment of any magnitude, all under the fore of the duo, Mike and Angela. “It is a familiar industry to me since I have been in the creative line for the past 8 years so I suspect this is why I would have a higher chance of success.” they commented, on their mechanism to their successful leadership.

“We had also pitched against some really well known international interior designers for some prestigious projects and we have triumphed over them, despite being a budding firm.” Mike and Angela recounted, with jubilance. Having such a big attainment certainly puts a panache upon Numero Uno’s success.

As of norm, success is debilitating at initialization as of any roaring trade. It was no different for Numero Uno. As aforesaid, Numero Uno came into realization at a precipice, the financial crisis. The property market was austere; a standstill. The future seems sporadic; nobody knows what is coming up, which is blight. Initiating an interior-designing firm at such times is obsolescent. “…But we thought, since we were already at rock bottom, we guess the only other way is up! Our optimism allowed us to charge forward with drive and passion.” the pair expounded, on how the financial crisis did not encumbered them, but spurred them on. By embracing on this ideology, Numero Uno jettisoned away from its predicament; successfully evading a debacle. Numero Uno has also perpetually ameliorate itself, revolving around the “Su Misura” principal, yielding tailor made products for customers, homogeneous to the manufacturing of delicate, intricate filigrees. “We behave like tailors and we work very hard to get our clients desired abode out.” Mike and Angela added on.

Entrepreneurship is not about avarice… “It is more than just starting a business. It is about taking risk contributing to economic growth, eliminating poverty. It’s all about contributing back to the society.” the partners retorted.

Numero Uno’s success is saliently conceived mainly under the principal of Perseverance and Focus. “Success won’t be easy and the rate is perhaps 5 in a hundred but it would be ultra rewarding if you succeed.” the duo commented.

“An entrepreneurship is a never ending learning journey.” they remarked. “Everyday, we find ourselves learning something new, so we will never be bored.” That said, Numero Uno has culminated, metamorphosed through the years since its commencement. “We will continue to reach greater heights.” the pair promised. As mentioned, the sky isn’t the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

Contact Details:
16 Tai Seng Street #01-01
T| 6281 9500
F| 6383 0116


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