Senses Marketing Communications & Design Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Chin Yoong Seong
Mr. Matthew Nai
Mr. Lee Seng Full

The five senses of a human body are inherently tied to one’s enjoyment of any experience. The right visuals, sounds, taste, smells, and touch can dispel stress, evoke great memories, and heighten one’s feelings of contentedness. One company that has been able to grasp this knowledge and apply it onto their line of work is Senses Marketing Communications & Design Pte Ltd, a boutique event planning and management company.

Full of passion and creativity, the three partners, Chin Matthew and Seng Full decided to spread their wings and venture out. Established in 1999, Senses specialises in multi-disciplined marketing communications. Their expertise in the industry and knowledge of their clients’ branding needs provide a consistency of support and service. Be it Project Management, Design Management or Event Management, Senses strength comes from enthusiasm, competency and reliability. They envision each event is uniquely tailored and thematic, each event a sensorial experience.

Starting out in a niche industry was not an easy task. With firm belief and conviction on their four disciplines: mindfulness, resourcefulness, visualisation, and integrity, their client base grew. Initially, Senses only took on one client per industry, maintaining brand exclusivity for both parties. Their service standard was of such quality that their clients decided to recommend their services to their industry partners and even their own competitors. The process aided Senses to find their footing in the tight events industry. Today, Senses projects cover a wide scope in the events spectrum, covering Government initiatives, Product launches, Gala and Luxury, Roadshows, Corporate and Regional Events.

Senses ensures that projects are executed as planned and attention to details are given to delight their clients. This service extends out of Singapore, with Senses working effectively with their client’s core team plus their regional counterparts to provide a “one-stop” turnkey project. Senses has effectively managed events from the sunny shores of Singapore to Australia, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, Senses still prides itself on being a “boutique” business, a company that nurtures and values the relationships they form with their clients and their employees. Chin elaborated, “It is difficult to find someone who shares your passion, someone who shares that same DNA.” Introducing a long-time colleague Francis Leung, who have gone through many of life’s milestones with Senses, Matthew then added, “We are a very close-knit family here. It’s really not about money but our sustainable relationship with them. We grow with our employees, we evolve with them.” Similarly, Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) was one of their clients who have grown and evolved with the company. SCV later merged into StarHub, Senses still manages their events, forming a working bond that has remained strong to this day.

Throughout the whole journey, the three directors have taken to lead Senses to where it is today. Their own strengths combined produces a synergy that defines the value of Senses. They have gone through one long lesson on what it truly means to be an entrepreneur, and it doesn’t stop there. Chin believes that it is important to enjoy the work process instead of just the end result. “Focus on the process, not just the product. With that, it is a two-way learning process with our clients. We will always be learning something.” Matthew reflected, “We are constantly challenging ourselves to have good work-life balance. The journey to craft what we have is long, but in the end, it is our family that remains, our loved ones. I think it is important that we spend enough time cultivating the family that has understood and supported us all the way.”

When asked on what advice they could give to aspiring entrepreneurs, the men had clear answers in store. Chin said, “You have to be sure of your own values, and stay true to them no matter what. Be true to your own foundations and beliefs.” Seng Full added, “ Being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. Be prepared to work hard. The challenges you face in adversity today will be your shield to protect you tomorrow.” Matthew added to share, “Always remember the reason why you started doing this in the first place. That will help motivate you in low moments, and is also extra satisfaction during high points.”

Under the guidance of their directors, Senses have gone from strength to strength, and they are not planning to stop just yet. To paraphrase Matthew, “The best project is always the next project.” With their working philosophy, their complimenting mindsets and values, we have no doubt Senses Marketing Communications & Design will remain to be a major player in the events industry for the next years to come.

Contact Details:
10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby A
#03-01 S(408564)
T| 6338 8608
F| 6338 8676

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