Intech Vision


Name of Recipient:
Mr Alvin Sim

The invention of closed-circuit television and security door systems has revolutionized that way that society operates and function. With security systems, chances of break-ins, theft and vandalism is reduced. Video clips from CCTV are also now regularly presented as court evidence during the prosecution of criminals. One company that specializes in security consulting services is Intech Vision, a company which has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safety and security of many establishments.

Established by Mr. Alvin Sim in 2006, Intech Vision provides a one-stop solution for various kinds of security needs. Their services include the planning, installation, and integration of card access systems, CCTV systems, alarm systems and auto gates. Intech Vision has installed their systems in retail, commercial, industrial, and even residential buildings, and through word-of-mouth, their excellent services have propelled them to the success that can be seen today.

With a his engineering background, interest in the industry, and a friend’s encouragement, Mr. Sim found himself establishing Intech Vision as a company of his own. But as with every new venture, it came with its own challenges. At that time, Mr. Sim already has a family of his own; hence the pressure to ensure that the business bore fruit was important. At the time of their establishment, Intech Vision was unsurprisingly, without brand name awareness. In addition, for the projects that they usually take, they are usually headed by system integrators, which means that even though Intech Vision was the company that was handling the designing and the installation, their name is hidden behind another company which was fronting the project, resulting in further difficulty in establishing their own brand awareness.

But Mr. Sim believed in his company and its ability. He persevered on, insisted on being hands-on with the operations of the company, and borrowed credit from his associates to buy advanced materials and hire contractors. With hard work and expertise, Mr. Sim began to lead Intech Vision out of obscurity and into prominence. Now, Intech Vision is regularly taking on big projects, exhibiting steady growth, and achieved a high amount of sales turnover in eight years. Many of their customers return, as they know the immaculate quality of their consulting and installation services, and know that Intech Vision and deliver what was promised.

No doubt, his journey hasn’t been an easy one, but that did not mean that Mr. Sim did not appreciate his experience in the past eight years. “One thing that is very important, when you following your passion, you have to follow through. Your own interest will be a driving force that will prevent you from faltering.” He then further added, “You must do proper planning before you carry out your dream. When you do, follow your plan. You must have perseverance, and think positively. Don’t let setbacks pull you down. There will always be rejections, sales will not always be 100%, it is all part and parcel of doing your own business.”

Intech Vision is not planning to stop just yet. They are now deliberating on expanding into the regional countries, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Australia. The securing of connections and networks will be a process Intech Vision will undertake for the next few years. They are also hoping that this will help expedite the process of breaking into other countries in Southeast Asia. With an experienced leader who is not afraid of the challenges ahead, we are sure Intech Vision will continue to excel in this industry for years to come.

Contact Details:
50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #03-12
First Center S(555856)
T| 9764 3808

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