Hong Power Engineering Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Tan Chuan Hong

Although electricity have been discovered and researched for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the 1800’s that they were widely used as an energy source. With the modern day invention of various forms of electronics and computers, the demand of electricity is even higher than before. It has now become a crucial element that many cannot live without. Hong Power Engineering Pte Ltd is one such company that provides electrical wiring services for various buildings, ensuring its occupants are enable to tap into the indispensible source safely and easily.

Started in 2007, Hong Power Engineering designs and installs electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. Some of the locations that they have installed their electrical systems in include HDB flats, Condos, Semi-detached houses, warehouses, and much more. In addition, they have provided similar electrical instrumental services for the oil and gas refineries, an area which Hong Power Engineering would like to move into further.

In his younger years, the company’s founder, Mr. Tan, was trained as a professional electrician, which helped cultivate his own interest in electricity and its industry. “There’s always something new to learn. It is constantly evolving, new technology is coming up all the time.” Thus, when the opportunity arose for him to set up a business of his own, Mr. Tan took it without much hesitation. He explained, “You never try, you will never be successful.” At that time, Mr. Tan already had the relevant knowledge, he had plans on how he wanted to make his company work, and hence wanted to see whether it would turn out success for him. As a result, Hong Power Engineering Pte Ltd was born.

However, the initial stages of Hong Power Engineering were not smooth sailing. This is because the company found it rather difficult to secure a customer base due to the fact that they were relatively new in the business. It is due to them being new, that people are unfamiliar with their services. However, everyone at Hong Power Engineering continued to do their best to showcase their standard and quality to potential customers. It was not long before more customers came knocking on their door due to positive reviews and referrals.

To further differentiate themselves from their direct competitors, Hong Power Engineering established pay-as-you-do deals with their clients, made commitments with suppliers, and tried networking with as many relevant people as possible. Despite having a smaller manpower, everyone at Hong Power are skilled in their area of expertise, as the company aims to be known for their craft and quality of service. As time goes by, the trust in their workmanship increased greatly. With quality work and value for money prices, the stock of Hong Power Engineering rose to become the prominent company it is today.

Looking back at the journey he had taken, Mr. Tan truly understood the trials and tribulations one needs to take in order to become a successful entrepreneur. “When I haven’t started my business, it looked very easy to do so on TV. But in fact, it is not. When you become your own boss, you have to change your mentality to a self-employed man. Maybe you will never get paid, or maybe there are times you realized that you have done your work for free. You either win or lose. It is really not as easy as one might think.”

Hence, for aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Tan has a few advices to dispense. “You have to be sure of your self-character, and the character of your team members. There are all kinds of different workers, but it matters which kind are in your team. You must find people with the right attitude.” He then further advised, “You must be sure of what you want. Because, once you take up this mantle, you cannot put it down, you cannot have regrets. Use your excess energy to generate success. That is how you succeed.”

Wise words indeed, from a man who has braved many challenges to lead Hong Power Engineering to where it is today. Although there cannot be too many deviations in their services, Hong Power Engineering hopes to go deeper into the oil and gas industry, as that will help give the company more challenges to test themselves, and to grow. With a capable and knowledgeable team at Hong Power, it is little doubt that success will continue to follow their way for a long time to come.

Contact Details:
1 Bukit Batok Crescent S(658064)
T| 6570 9388
E| hongpower@singnet.com.sg

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