Choong Chew Firewall Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Vincent Chew

Ralph Ransom once said: “Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.” It seems like that there is always a story of hard work and struggles behind every successful man. This is no exception for Mr. Vincent Chew; director of Choong Chew Firewall Pte Ltd.

With the past experience of working in construction and interior industries; its Mr. Chew’s passion not only to build nicely furnished homes, but also to address the safety issues. A non-flammable wall that prevents fires from spreading in an event of an accident is an example of what Choong Chew Firewall Pte Ltd provides.

Choong Chew Firewall Pte Ltd specialises in Fire Partitions, False Ceilings, Anti-Fire glass and other fire safety needs. Mr. Chew’s belief is that there is nothing they can’t deliver, as long as it’s a request from a customer, they will make it happen.

The initiating of Choong Chew Firewall was a difficult process. Setting up a business back then required a huge amount of finances, coupled with the pressure of completed projects that had problems with the issuing of payments. Mr. Chew knew that he had to do something about it. Seeking help from his mentors and consulting government policies, things then slowly begun changing for the better. Through all the ups and downs faced in the initial phrase of setting up the business, Mr. Chew learned that there is no problem that is unsolvable. The biggest challenge is only in yourself, “What attitude you have when encountering problems, determines how you solves the problems.” Mr. Chew shared. Though Mr. Chew was not educated on how to be a good boss, like what many youngsters are now equipped with in school. What set Mr. Chew apart from the rest was his never-give-up attitude. Deep down in Mr. Chew’s heart, he always believed that there is no problem that is too hard to handle, and that’s what keeps Mr. Chew going in face of any adversity.

“The first million I made was the most memorable!” Mr. Chew recollected. “It strengthens my belief and it gave me confirmation on what I am doing now.”

When quizzed on Choong Chew Firewall’s expansion plan, Mr. Chew answered: “we are looking to move into the trading line and to be a supplier in the fire safety industry.” He then continued, “We have already set our footprint in countries like Myanmar, China, India and even Germany. We definitely wish to grow bigger and enter into more markets of different countries.”

Mr. Chew also revealed his driving force behind his business. “My family, friends and employees are the reason why I keep fighting. I am motivated to provide them with a stable family, and employment.” Mr. Chew said. “You also need to have integrity in dealing with any business; it has to be professionally done. Keep in mind, business speaks louder than words.” Mr. Chew than continued, “You can go around seeking advice and the opinions of others, but at the end of the day, trust your own instinct and your capability.”

With exemplary results and an accomplished leader at its forefront, Choong Chew Firewall has improved leaps and bounds since its inception. With a clear plan of action ahead, there is no doubt that the company will continue to prosper and grow.

Contact Details:
No.3 Lorong Bakr Batu #04-02
Brightway Building S(348741)
T| 6841 9348
F| 6841 4258

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