Multi Plan Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. George Chin

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of discipline. Only a supreme, excellent entrepreneur would be able to fulfill the dream of innovation. Mr George Chin is one such entrepreneur.

Multi Plan, denoting its multifarious proficiencies, is a company initiated by Mr Chin in 2006. Aside from serving building materials for developers, architects and designers alike, the company also proffers an innovatory product called “Acrylic.” One might be misled, misinterpreting it as a material used to make signboards and taillights of automotive vehicles. “Acrylic is a material invented for structural use. Its purpose ranges varies from the building of elevated swimming pools, aquariums, and underwater themed buildings.” Mr Chin cleared the air. Acrylic was conceived in 1993 when Mr Chin was working with some partners in Shanghai, China. Mr Chin realized the existence of a market, which requires such a product, so he began developing Acrylic to meet the demands of the market. “Opportunity came when developers appointed me to go into the ‘aquarium’ industry. I soon got in touch with this industry, and started to make my own mark as an entrepreneur.” Mr Chin mused over.

As the industry is a niche, being exposed to this field for more than a decade means that Mr Chin has vast experiences compared to his competitors. However, this is no reason to get away from the clutches of adversities, which are inevitable in an entrepreneurship. Mr Chin expounded: “Before I left for Shanghai, I was supplying a customer with my line of products. He took fancy in it, but I did not think much of it.” Mr Chin revealed. He was in for a shock when he returned. “When I was back in Singapore, this customer had actually turned into a rival.” Being abroad for such a long period had made Mr Chin partially detached from his clientele base. “I also faced difficulty building up a clientele base for Multi Plan.” Despite so, knowledge is power. This impeding block allows Mr Chin to prove his mettle. Armed with his expansive experience, Mr Chin soon began annihilating these impediments. “I started doing cold calling, and proceeded to carry out outdoor sales.” Mr Ng regarded. Nothing could defeat years of experience, which Mr Chin had garnered with perpetual hard work. Customers were soon able to realize how potent Multi Plan is. This fact is backed up with the company’s superb customer service and quality assurance on its products. Multi Plan was on the right track to success.

Customers soon thronged in and business prospered. “One of my first few orders was a request to produce a 500kg acrylic panel. I got 10 men to move the panel, but it was impossible at all. So, I got cranes to move it instead.” Mr Chin cogitated on this amusing incident. As aforementioned, Multi Plan’s triumph card is on its service and quality assurance of its products. “We also provide competitive prices on all our products.” Mr Chin commented. The world is changing rapidly. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. With speed and efficiency in its service, Multi Plan is able to accomplish scores of projects in Singapore without a single hitch. “I believe it’s our innovation as well. Entrepreneurship is all about innovation. It is about bringing in a new produce and create a new market for it, the ability to make this product a demand.” Mr Chin elucidated his representation of entrepreneurship.

“It is the interest and satisfaction which motivates me. Whenever the company completes a project, it brings me a sense of satisfaction that could not be explained. This inspires me to do better for Multi Plan. Interest is also very important in entrepreneurship. It is a mean of discipline, something which pushes you on to work harder.” Mr Chin rejoined assertively on the topic of his motivation and discipline. Luck is when opportunity meets hard work. Without hard work, success is hard to come by. “I believe a successful entrepreneur must possess the quality of hard work. He needs to work hard in order to earn success. If you don’t work for it, you will earn nothing. A good entrepreneur also must have good foresight, the ability to make good decisions. Finally, an entrepreneur must have the willingness to take risks in order to succeed in business.” Mr Chin divulged his conviction on an ideal entrepreneur.

Mr Chin then espoused young entrepreneurs: “Make sure to do your homework before stepping into the field. Research your ideas, and see if there is a need for it. Do research on your competition as well. Be sure to understand your competitors. Success is not hard to come by, but with the right set of qualities, you shall have no troubles attaining it.” Mr Chin proceeded to share some expansion plans for Multi Plan: “Yes, we do have expansion plans. Now, our products are mainly used for swimming pools. We are exploring into areas like the retail sector, architectures, and residential housings. As Singapore have a small market, expanding into other areas is important.”

Mr Chin’s journey to success, along with Multi Plan, encapsulated how imperative innovation is, in order to procure success. Along with the means of passion and discipline, Mr Chin showed that success is impervious by stumbling blocks along the way as long as have the right set of qualities. Multi Plan shall proliferate in profusions with Mr Chin at fore.

Contact Details:
354 Clementi Avenue 2
#01-203 S(120354)
T| 6778 1391
F| 6773 6793


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