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Ms. Chandra S

Being an entrepreneur is a dream, an exploring dream that is left to the toughest to achieve. Suselah Chandra is an exquisite entrepreneur our exploration team found, who takes pride to achieve success tasting success. Suselah Chandra, the founder of Chaindra Maid Agency located now conveniently along the main road at 83 & 83A Serangoon Road Singapore 217988, has worked tirelessly to bring Chaindra Maid Agency to the height it flags today. A proud recipient of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012 too, her signature of dedication has now been applauded another round of commendation for being conferred the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2013.

Since Chaindra Maid Agency’s establishment in 2008, Branding has outreached her employers with success to repute Chaindra Maid Agency as the No. 1 Indian Maid Agency in Singapore. With years of expertise and exploration in employment industry, Suselah Chandra ensures 100% customer satisfaction and makes sure she is acutely aware of her employers requirements before she recommends a domestic worker who would swift in perfectly. Innately passionate about the business of people interaction cycles, Suselah Chandra ensures tripartite satisfaction, whether be it the domestic workers for her employers or the employers for their domestic workers.

Suselah Chandra’s journey into entrepreneurship was rooted since young, where Suselah Chandra spent years observing her father, the late Mr. Sivaparagasam Chandra Sakaran Vandiyar, through his own entrepreneurship journey. Suselah Chandra quotes that her successes are dedicated to her father who is her role model till today. “Think twice before you make a decision and make sure you don’t regret” and “You are What You want to be” is always ringing in my ears, quipped Suselah Chandra worshipping her father, Mr S Chandra as her mentor. Mr S Chandra Sakaran’s labour supplies in the 1980’s endeavours triggered a passion in the Employment Industry for Suselah Chandra, “a fire within that is burning till today”, she grinned.

With many years of studies, research and training and explorations grew Suselah Chandra to be the top notch Indian Maid Agency in Singapore today and is still growing with passion speaking for itself. Chaindra Maid Agency, we are your one stop solutions for your domestic needs. Hurdle seems just like a breeze now that the embossment of being “the 1st Indian Maid Agency in Singapore” outshines everything else. Chaindra Maid Agency has also been awarded the Asia Pacific Brands Award 2013 topping the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012 & 2013 is an exclusive gold mark in Suselah Chandra’s career path.

Suselah Chandra greets you with utmost respect and is humbled by nature. Chaindra Maid Agency upholds her reputation and delivers with a promise. Suselah Chandra strides gracefully through many fellow agencies marking “5 star Customer Services, Affordable Fees and most importantly After Care” is what Chaindra Maid Agency serves, Suselah Chandra elaborated.

Suselah Chandra began various trips to India to handpick and select Foreign Domestic workers of her choice. Suselah Chandra has gained the prominence she wanted to create in Singapore’s very own “Little India”. Today, the journey continues to grow for Chaindra Maid Agency. “Offering the next to best of services is what Chaindra Maid Agency is all about.”

With more than twenty years of experience tasting entrepreneurship, Suselah Chandra’s knows best the amount of work and sacrifices it takes to achieve success in their business endeavours. However, at the heart of it all, she believes that optimism and confidence is the key to entrepreneur success. In addition, she also emphasises on the importance of being ahead time and focus, as well as the hard work a prospective entrepreneur needs to put in.

Suselah Chandra is proud to announce that she has stronger hands now taking a step forward to join handa with her family strength to grow Chaindra Maid Agency to new heights of successes. Mr N Sundar Narayanasamy, Suselah Chandra (best half) as she claims is now on board with Chaindra Maid Agency as its Business Development Director. Sarojini Devi who has been sailing all along is now promoted to be the Administrative Manager. Suselah Chandra proudly announces that her son S Santosh Kumar joined Chaindra Maid Agency as its Marketing Executive. “Sarojini Devi & Santosh Kumar are the third generation in my family to explore employment business and now I am polishing my younger entrepreneurs Mahasweta and Shrinivashini the ropes to be the next generation of Enterpreneurs of the Sivaparagasam Chandra Sakaran Vandiyar family.

This is my 3rd Award Achievement and I take this opportunity to salute contentment of these awards to my father, the Bestest Dad on Earth, the late Mr Sivaparagasam Chandra Sakaran Vandiyar for being there to see me, to guide me, to watch me and today though we cannot exchange this joy in person, though I have to feel your love and worship you from far, I know you are proud of me today Appa! To my Mother, My Universe Mdm Antra Chandra Sakaran, I bow down with love to show you that your showers of unlimited caring and love has crowned me this far and to the many years of endurances through thick and thin not forgetting our toughest times through the journey as family, Amma you trusted me and loving me unconditionally and guiding me and showing me the way till today, my salutes for being my 1st Love and togetherness and joy with my brother Sivapragasam and my littlest sister Sheela making my life more meaningful today.

The highest mark of dedication and Thank You Singapore Resources Association for awarding this Award and A Big Thank you to all our customers who marked Chaindra Maid Agency to be the 1st Indian Maid Agency to receive Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2013 as well as 2012!

Go! Go for it and YOU SHALL FIND IT!!!!

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83 & 83A Serangoon Road
T| 6297 7172

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