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Mr. Pierre Ang

Singapore is a car loving nation. With more than half a million cars on the bijou isle of just 268 square miles. On average, every Singaporean would spend 4000 dollars on modifying; tuning their cars. This gives a gross output of 2 billion dollars on how much Singaporeans spend on their personal vehicle. This makes the car tuning industry very lucrative.

Despite so, Mr Pierre Ng did not find that tempting as his spur to starting a car tuning business.

Mr Pierre Ng, founder of Motec Private Limited. During daytime, Mr Ng takes charge of car accessories distribution. As the sun goes down, Mr Ng would be manhandling retail aspects of the business. Besides that, he superintends export distributions. Pretty adept for one man to do so much.

Motec was crowned basing its name on the words “Motivation” and “Technology.” It was the result after thorough thoughts from Mr Ng and his spouse.

Initiated in 2008, with just a capital of barely $5000, Motec Private Limited came into realization in the hands of Mr Ng. With him solely operating the business.

“The business practically started from scratch. I chose this industry for my interest; love for cars.” Mr Ng shed light on the reasons he started out Motec Private Limited. Despite his fervor love for cars and being adroit with it, Mr Ng wasn’t a professor in cars when he started. “I was just an ordinary businessman.” Mr Ng added.

Certainly, running a business without impediments is nigh-on impossible. With some customers seeking ludicrous behests that are not viable, certain limitations to some accessories installation; the path to Motec’s success was arduous. “Endurance is the key here. Bearing with customers, disregarding how unreasonable they are.” Mr Ng exclaimed on how he overcame the hindrances. “Customers are always right. We handle customer services with care. If the product is broken, we are willing to fork out. Customer service is our utmost priority.” he added.

By being the only car tuning firm to operate at night; specially catering for night crowds, Motec was able to pull fore from its competitors. “The unique operating hours makes it tempting, as most car owners prefer to send their cars in during the night.” Mr Ng explained.

“It’s a challenge to myself. A way to success.” Mr Ng said, in account to his entrepreneurship. “No matter what, never give up. You would be able to see some results at the very end.” he added.

Today, things had metamorphosed dramatically, as compared when Motec started. It now has 15 employees. All adroit in the delicate inner working of motor vehicles. The business in which was started with a minuscule amount of $5000 is now worth more than $200,000.

Despite so, the company is perpetually ameliorating itself. “Our company is expanding our distribution network for our products in the overseas market.” Mr Ng said.

Motec Private Limited is a result of heart, passion and soul. The ardent journey of entrepreneurship basing itself on rational thought. With a great leader like Mr Ng in commandment, its aspirations are advent to realizations.

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1 Pioneer Road North
#01-10 S(628455)
T| 6265 3558


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