Dong Jian (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Zhang Zhi Jian

The recent additions of bigger shopping malls and casinos upon Singapore’s landscape has not gone unnoticed; more and more people frequent these places with each passing day, and tourism is an even more booming industry than before. While patrons may marvel at the array of branded shops that have made their homes here, or the exquisite furnishings in the extravagant casinos, not many notice that the walls and ceilings enclosing them were painstakingly installed too. One company that specialises in these uncelebrated heroes of these buildings is Dong Jian (Singapore) Pte Ltd, who has been providing quality services since their inception in 2004.

Established by Mr. Zhang Zhi Jian, Dong Jian (Singapore) first started as a sole-proprietary entity affiliated with the main Dong Jian branch in China. In 2005, then broke away from that status, and established themselves as a private limited company. The construction company now specialises in installing false ceilings, drywall partitions, metal ceilings, acoustical panels impact wall system, and more. To date, they have taken and completed large scale projects such as the Nex Shopping Mall at Serangoon, some parts of Marina Bay Sands and its financial centre, Hard Rock Hotel, and Singapore Management University.

It all started when Mr. Zhang was working under his boss at another company, which was also in the construction industry. This allowed Mr. Zhang to have the necessary inside knowledge about how the construction industry works. During his time there, a friend then introduced him to the company, Dong Jian. At that time, Mr. Zhang was already thinking of becoming a boss of his own, and thought this would be a good opportunity to try. Mr. Zhang then approached the China branch of Dong Jian, and the rest is history.

To travel to where they are now, Dong Jian (Singapore) have had to overcome its share of trials and tribulation. During the various financial crises in Singapore, several projects that the company took on reneged on their fees due to the closing of the project companies. As they have mainly picked up large projects, this meant that the sum of money that was owed to them was of a substantial amount. As a result, Mr. Zhang had no choice but to borrow money from others to get over the crisis. This led to him being extra cautious when picking their future projects.

In addition, when they were first established, Mr. Zhang was the one running the day-to-day operations of the company. This meant that he had to get really hands-on to manage all aspects of the dealings of the company, including sourcing and negotiating with contractors and their customers. To further complicate matters, there was the language barrier as well. Mr. Zhang, along with his colleagues, was not familiar with the English language as they were natives of China. In order to liaise with their clients and contractors in Singapore, Mr. Zhang had to pick up the language from scratch.

Nevertheless, Mr. Zhang has now led Dong Jian (Singapore) through their various problems, and are now on a road to a prosperous future. Much of his motivation to brave through the storm comes from his feelings of duty and responsibilities to his clients. “Once you agree on a deal, you have made a promise to your customers, so it is most important that you follow through with it. It is something that always motivates me to come to work.”

As Singapore continues its development to becoming a world-class global economy, new buildings will always need their services. Dong Jian (Singapore) for this year has already picked up several important projects, including being part of works done for city hall and new hospitals. Mr. Zhang credits much of his success to his company’s management system, which emphasizes more on direct management rather than the middlemen system. He seeks to improve and implement a better system in the near future, which he hopes will also increase the company’s productivity. Mr. Zhang is also proud of how Dong Jian (Singapore) has now built a quality brand name for itself, as they only take up projects of a certain magnitude, abiding by a certain standard that they have set for themselves.

When asked if there was any advice he could give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Zhang knew there was one thing which was of utmost importance. “They need to have control of their finances, as you never know when there will be bumps in your journey. Some people, the moment they know they have some reserves, immediately become aggressive in spending it. Then when something happens, they are already broke. That is why many companies go out of business. You must always have monetary reserves as you never know when you need it.”

With a high standard that they abide by, a clear plan of action, and a capable leader at its head, Dong Jian (Singapore) is well equipped to deal with any problems that may now come their way, and emerge from it stronger than ever. We look forward to hearing more about their latest achievements and accolades in the near future.

Contact Details:
1 Bukit Batok Crescent #06-50
WCEGA Plaza S(658064)
T| 6570 9272
F| 6570 9277

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