NeoVita Training Centre Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Michael M. Magpantay

The acquiring of new knowledge often allows one to create new changes in their lives. Some may choose to use this new knowledge to gain higher employment, others choose to apply what they have learnt onto what they have been doing, elevating the quality of their work. But finding such quality training may not be easy. However, one company, NeoVita Training Centre Pte Ltd, streamlines the process of knowledge acquisition by providing comprehensive lessons that enables their students to gain as much useful knowledge as possible, in the hopes that they will create opportunities for themselves to succeed in the future.

Established in 2003 by Mr. Michael M. Magpantay, NeoVita provides a wide range of lessons and courses that will quench their students’ thirst for knowledge. Their current training programmes includes, but are not limited to their Infocomm Training Programme, Caregiver Training Programme, Office Assistant Training Programme, Heartsaver First Aid/CPR Course, Food and Beverages Services Training Programme, and other Computer Training Programmes. Their graduates have gone on to secure job placement both in Singapore and the overseas market.

Coming over to Singapore from the Philippines in the year 2000, Mr. Magpantay harbored the dream of setting up his own company. With his love of computers, and his market research revealing the demand, Mr. Magpantay decided to set up his own computer training centre, operating under the Small Office Home Office scheme as there was not enough capital for an outlet yet. With its establishment, more and more Filipino migrants begun to come to NeoVita, and this started to present as a problem: there was simply not enough space for everyone. To solve this issue, Mr. Magpantay first fully utilized their living room and kitchen space, which extended to their bedroom space. Mr. Magpantay eventually decided to rent an adjacent apartment on the same floor, and it was soon fully utilized as well.

In 2005, NeoVita seek an approval as an Official Test Centre for ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence), but one of its pre-requisites was that it needed to have an established venue of business. Mr. Magpantay, in order not to lose this opportunity, rented an outlet in Ang Mo Kio, thus establishing themselves as a true contender in the training industry. A year later, NeoVita decided to go one step further, and rented an outlet in the more accessible Central Chinatown area, and introduced their entrepreneurship and business management courses into their training lineup.

Now, their wide array of courses and programmes has attracted many migrants to sign up for them. Their bond with their students is evident in their annual Christmas celebrations and overseas trips, and all of their students are seen wearing the uniform with the NeoVita logo adorned upon it. To better monitor student progress and attendance, they have also introduced an ID system for students, further fostering belonging to the company. For the ten years that NeoVita has been established, Mr. Magpantay feels particularly proud that they have managed to grow to this extent through quality training. “I don’t have the money to advertise. It is only by giving excellent training and service to our students that we hope will encourage them to refer us to their friends. Indeed it’s through the word-of-mouth that NeoVita was introduced to the multitudes of future training participants.”

As a company that trains their students in skills to adapt to the working world, NeoVita knows the importance of evolution. Mr. Magpantay elaborates, “If you want to move in this industry, you have to change, you have to improve. Only then will you stay competitive. I guess that’s true in every industry.” Besides being proactive in change, Mr. Magpantay also believes that aspiring entrepreneurs should also possess the aptitude for hard work, consistency, dedication, passion, and humorously, a tinge of desperation. “For me, it boils everything to attitude, if you have the right attitude everything will fall into places.”

After many years in this industry, it is evident that Mr. Magpantay still very much possesses the passion for his business. He has plans to open more training outlets in more strategic locations, and also to establish new programs that will help create business connections and opportunities with external establishments, with the hopes that it will help guide his students on what to do after they graduated. For a company who puts such care and thought into their student’s well being and future, we are sure many will continue to support NeoVita Training Centre for years to come, which will definitely help usher in greater success for the company.

Contact Details:
150 South Bridge Road #02-17
Fook Hai Building S(0587278)
T| 6534 5830
F| 6532 2316

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