King Hua Electrical Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ang Teow San

In life, the act of seizing an opportunity when it arrives is risky, but at the same time, it has the chance to blossom and produce dazzling results, becoming a turning point which will revolutionize your story forever. As Mr. Ang Teow San, founder and Managing Director of King Hua Electrical Pte Ltd says, “Grab hold of your opportunities. If it passes, you will regret it, as you never know when the next one will come.” Had he not taken the up the chance of managing a large scale due to reservations about the size of their company, King Hua Electrical might not have achieved the same level of prestige that it now enjoys today.

Established in 2001 with Mr. Ang and three other partners, King Hua Electrical provides specialized contractor service in electrical systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Previously, Mr. Ang had worked for eight years in an executive level position. After a few years, Mr. Ang started to wish that he had more room to expand creatively in the business, and the idea of establishing a business begun forming in his head. Upon hearing of his aspirations, his boss told him to leave and pursue his dreams.

It was not without its problems though. When Mr. Ang left his company in 2000, he set up his first company with a friend which unfortunately did not last long. Undeterred, Mr. Ang joined forces with three other friends, and established King Hua Electrical. Problems however, started surfacing as Mr. Ang and his partners found it difficult to find and retain client bases; they did not give the company complete trust as King Hua Electrical, at that time, was still a new establishment with little track records. In addition, many locals are now not willing to work in the construction and electrical industry, preferring an office job instead of bodily work. The levy and quota of foreign works issued by the government did nothing to ease this problem. With these problems, it eventually resulted in two of Mr. Ang’s partners leaving the company, due to the unpredictable condition of the business.

But Mr. Ang knew he had to persevere on. In 2006, he made a proposal to his remaining partner, and took over King Hua Electrical as the sole director. Through hard work, industrial connections and their own ability, King Hua Electrical soon saw its stocks begin to rise. This cumulated to their biggest project so far, the Ascott hotel project under the real estate company, CapitaLand. CapitaLand is a big company, and so was the project, with the minimum requirement that their electrical contractor has to be an L5 or L6 company. At that moment, Mr. Ang had only estimated his company to at an L1 level, hardly enough to compete with the bigger and more prominent electrical contractor companies, and he was thus hesitant to take on this project. But one of the contractors for the project, Tiong Hock Construction, placed their faith in King Hua Electrical, and persuaded CapitaLand to do the same. Mr. Ang agreed to take on the monumental project, and the rest is history.

Now, King Hua Electrical’s business is increasing day by day, but they are not planning to stop just yet. They are planning to take on projects from countries as far as Vietnam and Myanmar. Also, Mr. Ang plans to use what he has learnt in his previous jobs in the Air-conditioning industry, as well as the plumbing and sanitary industry. With his impeccable business acumen, he sees the demand and the opportunity, and there is no doubt it contributed greatly to the present success of King Hua Electrical. Much of his motivation for success comes from the fact that he has a responsibility towards his family. As he has three daughters who all had aspirations to go into university, Mr. Ang is determined to earn as much as possible, so that he is able to provide a comfortable life for them, as well as having the financial ability to fulfill their dreams.

With his experience, Mr. Ang knows well what it takes to be successful in business, and he offered us little glimpses into his philosophy. “You need to discover what you are good at, and specialize in it. That way, you will believe in your own products, and have confidence in what you are doing. That will reflect in the way you sell yourself to your clients.” Reflecting the opening statement, Mr. Ang also added, “Luck and opportunity is very important. To achieve success, often the situation has to be the right time, and to the right target.”
Clearly, Mr. Ang has been practicing this motto for years, and with his own rules, led King Hua Electrical to the success it has achieved today. Without a doubt, with a capable leader at its helm, an exciting plan for the next few years, King Hua Electrical will continue to accumulate more achievements in the near future.

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