Shawn Seiki (S) Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Melvin Lim
Mr. Bernard Lim

William A. Foster once said: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” As the leader of Shawn Seiki (S) Pte Ltd, Mr. Melvin Lim staunched on offering only quality services.

Initiated in 1987, Shawn Seiki (S) Pte Ltd had metamorphosed to its current expansive hilt of 35 staff; it is also awarded ISO 9001:2000 for design & fabricates precision machining parts and factory automation industries. Blessed with the family of engineers, they have a strong core in their management team; mainly made up of their family members focusing in design & build, as well as the production aspect.

As a trained engineer himself, Mr. Lim’s interest and passion grew stronger in his past 30 years in the field. “This industry is very interesting to me, I like the feeling of creating and how the machines operate never fail to amuse me and keep my passion burning.” Mr. Lim commented. Nevertheless, such success could not be cultivated without encountering any setbacks in the process, especially at the inception of the company. “We met with two difficulties, mainly financial issues and the connection and network in the industry.” Mr. Lim shared. “Nevertheless, we are confident with what we are doing, and we believe in what we want to put across to our clients. Problems may slow us down at the start, but it will never stop us!” Mr. Lim explicated how he overcomes his difficulties. “With the advancement of technology, we need to keep learning and to place ourselves as far in front as possible.” Mr. Lim advised. Through continuously learning and training for the staff, everyone in Shawn Seiki (S) Pte Ltd are able to handle any situation or difficulties thrown at them.

“In my opinion, we are still a growing company. There are still a lot of things we need to learn.” Mr. Lim admitted humbly. “We don’t discriminate any jobs, each and every job is an opportunity for us to learn and grow at the same time.” Mr Lim added. “Don’t judge a book by its cover, many things might not be represented by what you see. It’s the same with entrepreneurship; it’s through experiences you gained in life that one is able to make good judgment in managing the business.” Mr. Lim asserted on the pertinence of an entrepreneur able to get out of his comfort zone.

“Friends around who continually gives me the comfort and assertion in my business have been my pillar of strength throughout this whole journey. Positive comments and encouragement have enabled me to grow stronger as a leader in the company.” Mr. Lim shared on his motivation and inspiration. Mr. Lim then continued to give his opinion on the qualities needed for success: “Confidence is the key to success. You must stay true to yourself and stick to your original decision. Help not just only yourself but also the people around you. Entrepreneurship is more than just making money, it’s about creating a difference in someone’s life through your products and services. Lastly, be sincere to your customers, and always fulfill their needs.”

Getting a business copacetic is a tall order. It is certainly not an easy task for Mr. Lim to lead Shawn Seiki (S) Pte Ltd to where it is today. We have no doubt Shawn Seiki (S) Pte Ltd will continue to make its mark on the entrepreneur world.

Contact Details:
2 Woodlands Sector 1 #03-02
Woodlands Spectrum I S(738068)
T| 6567 8780
F| 6567 3354

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