Mcwell International Holdings Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ben Lim

Mcwell International Holdings; an interior design, renovations, and carpentry works company, catering specially to the commercial industry. Initiated in 1998, with just a minuscule 8 employees. Today, more than a decade later, it had proliferated multifold; having more than 20 staffs; all trained and adept in the aspect of refurbishing.

The brainchild of Mcwell International Holdings would be none other than Mr Ben Lim. A man who worked his way up under the right wing of his father. Since young, //Mr Lim had idolized his father, looking at him as he carved beautiful carpentry out of an austere looking plank of wood.\\ (This portion is entirely made up. Feel free to alter to your needs; insufficient information given.) Innately, this had inspired Mr Lim to be like his father when he grows up. “I just had to enter the industry. The industry whereas i would earn a living by producing beautiful creations for the general public. It sets an adrenaline rush in me.” Mr Lim reminisced. More innately, father passed down his skills to son; Mr Lim started learning the ropes of running a business from his father.

Mr Lim then proceeded to embark on his entrepreneur-ing journey, commencing Mcwell International Holdings, a name which just arbitrarily flashed through his mind. Due to the underlying grasp of the industry, Mr Lim was able to initiate his own roaring trade with no hitches; everything was plain sailing. “There are typical problems, such as publicity matters. But as a whole, Mcwell International Holdings started off quite well.” Mr Lim expounded. To make his trade more prominent, Mr Lim had managed numerous exhibitions. From there, he was able to define what makes Mcwell International Holdings distinctive as itself; its quality. The intricate procedures to creating every masterpiece. The precision to details; so fine that it would yield every customer’s satisfaction, every time.

Referrals from customers soon came in multitudes. Past customers, due to the proficient work Mcwell International Holdings proffers, had became existing customers. “I had certainly also made many friends through the trade. In this industry, it’s easy to get exposed to many people. It’s great!” Mr Lim commented on the perks of being an entrepreneur. As an artisan, Mr Lim would personally overlook every project to make sure there isn’t a perceptible flaw in the workmanship; to ensure utmost satisfaction. With an independent, self-owned carpentry wood shop, Mcwell International Holdings is able to fulfill its expertise to the limit.

Other than being a competent businessman, Mr Lim is also a philanthropist; perpetually contributing to the public, through donations and charities. “It’s a way of life in entrepreneurship. To help others in need.” Mr Lim elucidated. Mcwell International Holdings is also paving its way to make a break in the neighboring countries. “As an entrepreneur, it would be my utmost pride to uphold the brand name of my own country, Singapore.”

Besides Mr Lim’s father, Singapore’s forefather Mr Lee Kuan Yew had also inspired Mr Lim. “His determination, fighting spirit and passion is what struck me the most. It inspires me to follow his footsteps, and strive the best for my own business.” Mr Lim elucidated. But Mr Lim derives most of his motivation from testimonials; songs of praises, and the satisfactory of customers. Not excluding his family; his wife, and his 3 years old daughter. “They spur me on to do better.” Mr Lim added.

Through Mr Lim’s entrepreneur-ing journey, he has exhibited success by the aspects of owning wisdom and knowledge of the particular field. Along with a hint of experience, and hardwork; to strive for the best. “To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have a good financial status; especially in this world where everything revolves around tolerance. You need monetary funds to achieve this.” Mr Lim remarked. “Interest in the field is important as well, if not you would get tired sooner or later. Sometimes, work is like play; just like soccer.”

Contact Details:
20 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A
#05-10 AMK Techlink S(567761)
T| 6532 5535
F| 6532 5575


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