The Foot Pavilion

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Richard Leong

There have been numerous health benefits that are associated with foot massage and reflexology; they can help improve blood circulation and cleanse toxins from the body, they provide moments of sensual bliss and rejuvenate the individual, and also enhances the immunity of one involved in the procedure. There are many such foot reflexology parlors in Singapore, but one company that places its customers at the front and foremost is The Foot Pavilion, a foot reflexology that customizes their services for any minor ailments their clients may be experiencing.

Established in 2010, The Foot Pavilion was set up by Mr. Richard Leong with his two brothers, who all had experience in the foot reflexology industry prior to setting up this company. They had undergone professional training, and had achieved their WSQ certifications, and have very good knowledge about how foot reflexology works and how it would benefit one’s health. Initially planning to set up the company in Malaysia, Mr. Leong was persuaded to open The Foot Pavilion in Singapore instead. After researching about the Singapore foot reflexology market, Mr. Leong agreed that it was a good idea, and established the foot parlor on local shores instead.

But with every new service-based establishment, it came with its own set of challenges. In the period right after establishment, the customers who first visited The Foot Pavilion was not confident of the company’s standard of service. However, Mr. Leong believed that as long as the company provided quality services, their customers will see it as well. He was right. His first customers were so satisfied with The Foot Pavilion’s services that they recommended other people to visit them as well. Hence, through word-of-mouth, business started looking better and better for the company. In addition, due to the recent foreign manpower quota, it restricted the company’s ability to expand as there were not enough foot therapists to service the outlets they had planned to open. Mr. Leong feels that the manpower issue, although not too severe at the moment, will continue to be one in the future.

For now, The Foot Pavilion is very satisfied with the progress they have made since their establishment. Priding themselves for their customer service, they have customized much of their massages to deal with many minor health ailments their customers may have. Many have given good reviews of their services, and have retained a core group of loyal customers who consistently visit them. This has proved to be a major source of satisfaction and pride for Mr. Leong.

Currently, The Foot Pavilion operates three outlets in Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, and Bedok North, with the hopes of opening further outlets in the future, subject to the hiring process for new therapists, as Mr. Leong is very particular that new therapists has to be of a certain quality. Mr. Leong is also keen to delegate more duties to capable subordinates, as when they take on more responsibilities, Mr. Leong will be able to shift his focus on how to take the company forward, while leaving his outlet’s day-to-day operations to his managers.

Being in a service oriented industry, Mr. Leong knows firsthand the importance of having a positive attitude towards your clients, and he believes this is a quality all aspiring entrepreneurs should have. “They will be establishing a working relationship with them, and if they want their business to go far, it will be a long relationship with your clients as well.” Mr. Leong also believes that the competitive nature of the Singapore markets requires one to be focused as well. “In Singapore, you need to be focused and observant, and make changes according to the market trend. When you change with the times, you stay competitive.” But before they can do that, Mr. Leong believes a prospective entrepreneur should have extensive knowledge of the industry before venturing in. “No matter what, they need to have insider knowledge of whichever industry they are going into. To do that, it is good to start from the bottom, to experience everything. That way, their problem solving skills will be superior, and they will be familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.”

With his advice all coming from his personal experience, Mr. Leong has indeed seen and learnt much from his entrepreneur journey, and have used the knowledge to lead The Foot Pavilion to much achievements. With the emergence of more and more health-conscious people, it would not be presumptuous to say that the demand for such services will continue to rise. When the time comes, we are confident that The Foot Pavilion will still be going strongly, providing their quality and impeccable services to their customers.

Contact Details:
713 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
#01-4054 S(560713)
T| 6246 2717


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