Grandeur Logistics Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. So Seow Gee

In this modern day and age where people expect everything to be fast and instant, ranging from the latest internet broadband speed to the item they have ordered off Amazon, they often do not realize the arduous process it takes for it to reach their hands. One company that has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver the goods to their clients since 1994, is Grandeur Logistics Pte Ltd, a freight forwarding company that commits itself to meet their client’s every needs.

Established by Mr. So Seow Gee, Grandeur Logistics initially only offered simple transportation services, but it has evolved since then, turning into a reliable name in the freight forwarding industry. Today, they are a proud international air, sea, and land forwarder, and their services now include importing and exporting worldwide, customs brokerage, local distribution, providing marine insurance, and more. They are committed to flexible personalized service for their clients, allowing them to cater to any needs their clients may have.

It all started when he was in the transport unit during his army days. Having some knowledge of the transport business, Mr. So and a few other partners decided to set up their own transport company. Initially established with the name Goodtrans, Mr. So unexpectedly found himself becoming the sole management of the company when his other partners left. Left with the option of taking over the company or closing it down, Mr. So decided to take up the challenge of managing his own business, as he felt that there was the possibility of success, and that ending it back then would have been a great pity.

However, making it on his own came with its own troubles. The Singapore market is small, and there were already other, larger companies, with some of them international companies whose name the public are already well aware of. However, Mr. So was not willing to let such competition deter him from his goals. Slowly but surely, Mr. So began to lead Grandeur Logistics into prominence, providing a personal touch to his services to his clients, building up lasting relationships with them. They customize their services, offering no package terms, allowing them to take up contracts with them without limitations.

Now, Grandeur Logistics have managed to get themselves into regional markets; securing connections in Vietnam. It was a hard and long process; Mr. So and his employees did not know Vietnamese, and the process itself was hence more drawn out than usual discussions. It was truly a proud moment for Mr. So and Grandeur Logistics when they have officially broken into the Vietnamese market. Much of their satisfaction comes from the fact that although Grandeur Logistics came from much humbler beginnings, they have proven that they are on par with bigger companies, and are thus more accomplished in comparison.

This would not have been possible had Mr. So had given up in the first place. “You have to persevere in what you are doing, no matter in good or bad times.” But in order to have the strength to persevere on, it would definitely help to have friends and family who support you. Mr. So found that support in his army friends, who provided much inspiration and support during his starting years. It is a friendship that is still present to this day, still providing encouragement to Mr. So when he needs it.

In addition, Mr. So also believes that attitude is a critical factor when it comes to business management. For a freight forwarding company like them, the attitude extends to the items that they transport as well. “You have to treat the items like your own. Once you think like that, you will do your best to safeguard those items, which will then reach our clients in pristine condition.” Mr. So also added, “We also make an effort to learn about the items that we are transporting, which will help in the way we package and transport them. Hence, once they know about our efforts in protecting their interests, our customers will feel safe entrusting their items to us.”

No doubt, this attitude is what has taken Grandeur Logistics to where it is today, with expansion on the horizon for them in the near future; they plan to move to a new location to house more employees, in the process hiring people from a younger generation. With them more versed in modern technology and market trends, Mr. So believes that this will allow both parties to learn from each other.

With a heart eager to constantly learn and evolve with the times, we have no doubt that Mr. So will continue to lead Grandeur Logistics into a bright future, and be still at the top of the freight forwarding industry for years to come.

Contact Details:
164 Kallang Way #07-32
Kolam Ayer Industrial Centre S(349248)
T| 6294 9750
F| 6844 5919

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