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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Desmond Kang
Mr. Melvin Kang

In life, one may have many ups and downs that test their characters. While some may admit defeat and never strive to achieve more than that, others rise to the challenge and emerge from the other side a better and happier person. Brothers Desmond and Melvin Kang have done exactly just that when they set up MDK Design & Print, a company that specializes in customized printing needs for their clients.

With their rapidly growing clientele in Singapore, MDK Design & Print offers a wide suite of products and services, which includes but is not limited to; the printing of fliers, brochures, catalogues, magazines and other print material, and design consulting services customized to a client’s printing needs. As the company motto goes, “P.Q.R.S.”, which stands for Price, Quality, Responsiveness, and Service, MDK Design & Print is committed to providing their customers with prompt quality service with the most competitive rates on the market.

Before they established MDK Design & Print in 2009, both Desmond and Melvin had careers as bankers in the banking industry. However, during 2008, when the financial market went into turmoil, Desmond and Melvin started having ideas about switching careers, with the last straw being when the Lehmann Brothers collapsed. After getting suggestions from a long time client who owns a printing factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Desmond and Melvin both saw the potential of the printing industry and decided to invest in his factory in Johor Bahru, and become partners of the printing company.

Although their mother used to work in the printing industry many years ago, and that they used to help her out from time to time during their school holidays, both Desmond and Melvin had no solid knowledge of the printing trade. Hence, as a result, they have to constantly travel to the factory in Johor Bahru from Singapore in order to learn the ins and outs of the industry. This process was tough as both brothers have had to travel a long distance into Malaysia several times a week, but both persevered on, knowing that they have to in order to have a viable shot at success. As they gradually started to strengthen their knowledge in the print industry, both Desmond and Melvin then decided to set up MDK Design & Print in Singapore in 2009, thus officially beginning their journeys as entrepreneurs.

To ease the transition process, Desmond and Melvin took over the portfolio of all the clients present in Singapore. All of their printing and storage is done in Johor Bahru, and with their office in Singapore remaining small with few employees, Desmond and Melvin felt that the costs have been reduced significantly as a result, enabling them to put more time and effort into tending to the needs of their clients.

Today, MDK Design & Print have established a solid standing amongst the print industry in Singapore, with their unique and customized Chinese New Year red packets designs making it into local newspapers since 2011, gaining much recognition in the process. Desmond and Melvin were well aware that many of their clients were in their 20’s and 30’s, and hence are more adventurous in their choice of red packets. Both of them felt the need to inject a new energy to such a traditional industry. Sure enough, their quirky and innovative designs, colored with many non-conventional Chinese New Year colors like maroon, pink, gold, cream, and copper was a great hit, with eight out of ten customers opting for such options in 2011. Now that MDK Design & Print have found a niche market, Desmond and Melvin are sure to continue with this for years to come.

Had they not dared to take the risk to switch careers years ago, MDK Design & Print, with its subsequent success, would not have been realized today. Both Desmond and Melvin are convinced that risk taking is definitely a quality an entrepreneur should have. Desmond mused, “Nowadays, the Singapore culture of having a stable job and life is very prevalent, and many do not dare to venture out. Who would dare? But if you want to be rich, you have to take the risk.” Melvin further added, “You also have to be innovative. Nowadays, one system no longer works for everyone. The only constant element is change. Hence, you have to change to be successful. And that involves risk.” Also, to both men, being prepared mentally and financially is equally important as well. “You need to convince yourself first.” Desmond elaborated. “Once you have the evidence to support yourself, you have the evidence to convince others. You must not be swayed.” Melvin added, “You need to be prepared financially for the first few years of operations as well in case of emergency, so that you can see the business through as long as possible.

MDK Design & Print has a very busy future ahead. While planning to incorporate in-house finishing work for their products internally, they are also planning to move into other markets, such as Australia, whom they have connections at, along with the Europe market. With such an ambitious plan for the company already planned, MDK Design & Print no doubt have a very prosperous future ahead. We look forward to hearing about their future achievements very soon.

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T| 6699 8065
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