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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Phillip H.G. Lim

“Quality means to deliver something to the customer which is what they called for.” Mr Phillip Lim elucidated on. As the leader of Mcpec Marine & Offshore Engineering, Mr Philip Lim is staunched on proffering only products with quality. Mcpec Marine & Offshore Engineering, an abbreviation for Modular Contractors for Procurement, Engineering and Construction is Mr Lim’s second concurrent business. The company is adept in the engineering, construction, and turnkey projects for offshore oil and gas platforms.

Initiated in 2006 with just 3 employees, the company had metamorphosed multifold and now it stands with an expansive hilt of manpower, which could hit more than 100 in full force. “Before starting out Mcpec, I was working in many MNCs (Multinational Corporations) in this industry.” Mr Lim expounded how he started the company. “The company I was working for wanted to relocate me to the United States.” Mr Lim, being affectionate for his family, took them into account, as his kids were very young. “Due to this cause, I chose to stay in Singapore and start a business on my own.” Mr Lim added. With nearly 40 years of experience in this industry, when Mcpec Marine & Offshore Engineering started off, it was already shaping up to be a success.

As a trained engineer himself, Mr Lim’s passion for the industry rooted from his youth. “All along I have been deeply involved in this industry, ever since I graduated.” Mr Lim commented. “This industry is very interesting to me as we built ‘cities’ in the middle of sea.” Mr Lee remarked on the offshore engineering projects being tendered by the company. Nevertheless, such success could not be cultivated without encountering setbacks in the process, especially at the company’s inception. “We met with financial difficulties at first. Since we were new, we had problems generating customers as well.” Mr Lee shared. “However, we realized it’s more important getting the customers, as getting a job them means the ability to overcome the financial difficulties.” Mr Lim then said: “Always do a good job, make sure it is the best. After that, there will be jobs coming your way as the customers are satisfied with it and they will trust your quality.”

Adroitness meets innovation. Mcpec Marina & Offshore Engineering constantly innovates new construction methods by utilizing the best of technologies and minimize costs in the process. “We have to always upgrade our people. Everyone have to constantly go for courses to learn new skills and gain new knowledge.” Mr Lim espoused on the fact that knowledge is power. Such tendency for amelioration has allowed the company to see recurrent customers from past projects patronizing Mcpec Marine & Offshore Engineering once again. “We have also received a lot of appreciation letters written to us personally by our clients, and plaques from clients to show their appreciation.” Mr Lim added.

To Mr Lim, entrepreneurship is deemed as a social responsibility. “Entrepreneurship has allowed me to not only contribute to the economy, but it also created job opportunities for fellow citizens.” Mr Lim shared his patriotic sentiments. “Entrepreneurship is about creating something new from nothing, to groom it and make it grow.” Mr Lim then divulged his motivation and inspiration behind everything he does: “My father is one of the motivating factors. He is a businessman who based his business on the traditional ways of operating.” Mr Lim continued: “He taught me to be very honest, honesty applies to everything in business, it’s the best quality a man should always have.”

“As said before, I think that honesty is important in business. You should be very opened and transparent, and deliver every promise to both business partners and customers.” Mr Lim gave a description on the qualities needed to be a supreme entrepreneur. “Be determined in what you do. To start a business, it’s not just working from morning to evening. You should get involved in everything and you would wish that there are more than 24 hours a day.” Mr Lim advocated on how arduous an entrepreneurship can be.

Mr Lim then gave an outlook on the expansion plans ahead of Mcpec Marine & Offshore Engineering: “I am very optimistic about the oil and gas industry, and we will benefit in any part in the Southeast Asia region.” Mr Lim also added: “We are planning to develop and expand the company into Vietnam and Indonesia. These countries would prefer “local content”, having the company in these countries will also create jobs for their people.”

Mr Lim’s leadership is certainly second to none. By improvisation and proffering quality products, it is an cinch that Mcpec Marine & Offshore Engineering is at fore of the industry.

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11 Tuas South Avenue 5 S(637361)
T| 6861 8681
F| 6861 6626


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