2B Printing Solutions Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Zensen Yeoh
Ms. Jane Lim

2B Printing is founded by “2 Brothers”, Zensen and Andrew Yeoh, who has generated 2 Brilliant Printing Solutions to ride on the “Long Tail” effect. As said by Chris Anderson in his blog and book, the Long Tail effect theory is that as our economy is shifting away from mainstream markets and products towards niche markets at the tail end of the demand curve, these narrowly-target goods and services can be as economically attractive as the mainstream fare offered.

As Zensen and Andrew are strong believers that businesses will become smaller and more companies will sprout, they have evaluated several B2B products and services to support such effect. After months of market surveys, they have narrowed it down to the name card business. It is a low in cost but high in demand product. In order to get ready for “The Long Tail” effect, 2 Brilliant Printing Solutions were generated, with the company offering certain business card sets for a much lower price than other competitors, while at the same time maintaining fast service and good card quality.

Though the ideas are great, 2B still requires a capable marketer. Ms Jane Lim was the perfect match. After graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts some years ago, Mr. Yeoh suggested the idea of a business card printing company to Ms. Lim. When she looked at the rising demand of nicely designed business cards, she knew that the company has a viable shot at success, and 2B Printing Solutions was thus born in 2006.

Today, they have expanded their range of printing services beyond just the printing of business cards, now including the printing of banners, flyers, PVC cards, envelopes, letterheads and more. They also now provide further designing services for various print mediums, and also website design, development, and maintenance services. Not only that, but they have also recent started venturing into the region of event management, with their first attempt at organizing a golf charity event resulting in rousing success.

Looking back, 2B Printing Solutions have truly came a long way since they first started working out of their home office. Ms. Lim mused, “It was a difficult time; our sales were not enough to cover our expenses, and it was only the two of us trying to make the company and everything else work.” However, both Ms. Lim and Mr. Yeoh knew the ease and importance of online advertising, and they decided to start advertising 2B Printing Solutions on the internet. They then expanding their advertising campaign onto other mediums, including handing out flyers and posting a print ad on the Yellow Pages. This worked, more and more clients started to find out more about 2B Printing Solutions, and soon, the company made its new home in an office space along Beach Road.

Today, 2B Printing Solutions has established themselves as a credible company providing exemplary service with low cost, short waiting time but maintaining high quality. They are proud to call several big companies in Singapore their clients, and the number of their clients is still further expanding. However, Ms. Lim knows enough that they should not rest on their laurels, and will seek to improve their company further. “The industry is constantly changing, printing and design technology is always evolving, so we must keep up with this technology to remain competitive.” But this is what motivates Ms. Lim as well, with her remarking, “When I produce a good result for my clients, I feel really satisfied, knowing that I have conquered this hurdle, and had learnt something new from it.”

Her passion and satisfaction with her job is what has led Ms. Lim to continue working to this day, and that is something that she thinks one should possess if they should decide to be an entrepreneur. “Your attitude towards your job, your willingness to work hard is what is important. Another thing which I think is important is that you should not work just for money, even if you are a fresh graduate looking for their first job. Working in a job you like will help you maintain your passion and motivation to come into work everyday.” In addition, Ms. Lim also feels that you can pick up knowledge anywhere, especially from the people you meet. “Be positive; learn from your colleagues at work, or your friends when you meet. They see things different from you, from a different prospective, and through them, you can find solutions to problems that you otherwise would not know how to solve.

2B Printing Solutions, under the leadership of Ms. Lim and Mr. Yeoh, looks to grow and expand in the near future. Ms. Lim shares that they are looking into another branch of operations, to reach out to more people for a wider client base. In addition, 2B Printing Solutions are also looking to expand their service and product range, hoping to introduce photo book printing, calendar printing and customized photo puzzles. With such a clear plan of action, passion, and perseverance, it can be expected that 2B Printing Solutions will continue to thrive and blossom in this industry in the future.

Contact Details:
7500A Beach Road #07-313 S(199591)
T| 6396 6797
F| 6396 0565
E| enquiry@2bprinting.com.sg


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