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Ms. Stephanie Fang

Information is power. Since ancient times, people have sought to transfer their knowledge onto natural sources they can find, onto stone, wood, or clay, and turned them into volumes of information such as tablets, scrolls, and books. Today, the printing industry is much more advanced, but is less green than ever in the present day, as the demand for virgin quality paper is incessant. One company that prides itself on being a green printer is Asiawide Print Holdings, a company that provides a one-stop solution on any printing needs.

A family business handed down to Ms. Stephanie Fang in 2007, Asiawide Print Holdings styles itself as more than just a normal printer, providing consulting services and solutions for printing complications. With their unique “Green Up” programme, Asiawide Print puts in great effort in recycling paper waste, reusing press plates to reduce aluminum waste, and making sure press solutions are properly disposed of at waste specialists. However, their environmentally responsible process does not compromise on the quality and range of products, which includes books publishing, magazines, corporate folders, paper bags, calendars and more. To date, they have provided their printing services to many companies and government sectors, including but not limited to Apple Inc Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Central Provident Fund (CPF), and the People’s Association (PA).

“I first joined the company when I was younger, and I gradually developed passion for this industry.” Ms. Fang reminisced. “And as the time came for the previous owner to retire and pass the company on, I found that taking over the company was simply the next natural step for me.”

However, the transition period from the old guard to the new presented a new set of problems. Ms. Fang, together with Mr. Terrence Hong, the Chief Business Officer, implemented problem prevention procedures and erected new departments within the company, a structure which was similar to how MNCs are run, except on a smaller scale. Mr. Hong explained, “Compared to many others in the company, we were much younger than them. Gaining their respect was a challenge; especially since we were coming in to overhaul the management system, which was becoming inefficient.” Ms. Fang then added, “It took them a while to accept the new system. They were all wondering, ‘What is the need for all this?’ But as the months go by, they started to see its value, and everything began to settle into place.”

As a customer oriented company, Ms. Fang and Mr. Hong were determined to keep the feel of the family business intact. Ms. Fang says, “We value our staff as family members. We invest in them, just as we would invest in machines and technology. Knowing that we are there for each other, supporting each other, it is something that greatly motivates me.” Mr. Hong further added, “United we stand, divided we fall. As a consulting company who is customer-oriented, we always stress that everyone in the company should work as equals, treat our clients as our only boss, and provide our services with passion and sincerity.”

With this attitude, Asiawide Print Holdings has now gone from strength to strength, growing from 15 to 52 employees, and at the same time achieving four times sales turnover from before. This even led to a visit by the Deputy Prime Minster of Singapore, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who paid a visit to the company, showcasing them as an outstanding example to small-medium enterprises. It was a defining moment that stood out most prominently for Ms. Fang, a testament to how far Asiawide has come.

Looking back on their journey, Ms. Fang and Mr. Hong both agreed that entrepreneurship is a dangerous, albeit rewarding route in life. Ms. Fang said, “It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. But one should always remember that although the initial journey is hard, but if you persevere on, that only makes the fruits of your labor that much sweeter. With the right and positive attitude, along with setting proper goals for yourself, success will not be far behind.” Mr. Hong meanwhile, believes that constantly getting better talents is key, “A company will not grow if the boss is the best person there. I don’t believe I’m the best, so we need to find people hungry for success to join us. It also ensures that the company, with so many talents, will be in good hands.”

Indeed, with two such forward-thinking people at the helm of the management, Asiawide Print Holdings definitely knows how to forge their way forward from here on. With their expertise and experience, there is no doubt that Ms. Fang and Mr. Hong will overcome any hitches they may face, and lead the company to great success in the near future.

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5 Pereira Road Asiawide Industrial Building
#03-02 S(368025)
T| 6858 3363

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