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Melvin Lau

A picture can convey a thousand words. Every picture has a story behind it, be it a photo of a couple getting married, a family portrait, or even a candid photo of that memorable night you shared with your friends. Hence, many have found it necessary to engage a professional to capture the important moments in one’s life. One company that specializes in turning such moments into masterpieces is Multifolds Photography Global Pte Ltd, a company that has distinguished itself through sincerity and immaculate photography.

Multifolds was established in August 2010 by Mr. Melvin Lau, who used to be a casual photographer until he realized that his pastime could be translated into a career. Always putting their customer’s interest at the forefront, Melvin was quick to emphasize the meaning behind their company’s name: “You entrust in us, in return you can picture a Multifolds.” As even though Multifolds started with simple wedding and pre-wedding photography, it has now grew and expanded far beyond from what it was. Their services now includes personalized family events, wedding and pre-wedding photo shoots, with pre-wedding shoots titled “Lovescapade”.

The term “Lovascapade” came about when a couple, Ivy and Joseph wanted to engage Multifolds as their wedding photographer. Initially just a standard photo shoot, Melvin became interested in their back story, and suggested a unique photo shoot that showcases this and their road so far. This led to Multifolds organizing their pre-wedding shoot in a government Junior College, with the first gift that the groom had gifted the bride. This unconventional photo shoot went viral online, generating much interest, and eventually made it into the Live! Section in The Straits Times.

It all started when Melvin’s friend asked him to be their wedding photographer; she had seen his casual photos during weekly beach volleyball gatherings, and admired the quality of the pictures. During this first assignment, Melvin discovered the appeal of wedding photography; the emotions, the warmth, and the history of the people involved are all captured within the lenses. His photos received further praise, and this sparked off the idea of establishing his own photography company. “At that time, I don’t have the intention to further my studies. So when this opportunity turned up, I thought it would be something to try out, to venture into.”

However, starting out on his own was not without its complications. Firstly, there was the matter of market competition. Multifolds is a small company, and Melvin knew that they do not have the same branding awareness that has blessed the bigger photography companies. Hence, Melvin knows most than most the importance of client value. And that is the reason why Multifolds specializes in personalizing each and every photo shoot for their couples. As he puts it, “The only way to be competitive is to carve out your own niche.”

There is also the matter of parental approval. “I have very traditional parents, and they expected their children to take the safe route; a stable job with a stable income. It took a while to convince them that this is what I wanted to do, that it is something I want to make a career out of.” Interestingly, this also became a motivating factor that drives Melvin to be constantly bettering himself and the company, in order to show to his parents that he had done well in his chosen path, that unconventional routes to success do exist after all.

Today, Multifolds’s personalized photo shoots are gaining popularity by the day, and Melvin has further plans to expand their brand into other areas, namely the Food and Beverage industry, another interest of his. The plan is to establish a Peranakan Chinese café, which will also provide a location in which Melvin can meet his potential clients, mixing both interests together. Multifolds is also thinking of going international; as even though they do special international photo shoots now and again, Melvin is contemplating the prospect of it being a more permanent feature of the company.

The importance of being unique is something that Melvin likes to emphasize, and he knows that it will be invaluable for young entrepreneurs like him. “Dare to dream, dare to be different. Every business has its troubles; if someone throws a stone at you, take it and create a spark. If this year is difficult for you, do something different. Dare to take risks.”

Indeed, Melvin has taken his own advice time and again, resulting in its immense success today. With a unique level of customer service, a clear plan of action, and quality photographs, it is safe to assume that Multifolds Photography’s brightest days are ahead of them.

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