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Name of Recipient:
Mr. R. Shanthen

Ever since he was a young child, Mr R. Shanthen has been living a life encircled with delicious, sumptuous food. “It was pretty much a blessing for me, to be able to indulge in nice food.” Mr Shanthen’s father runs a catering company, Mayura Catering; a small sole proprietary catering service provider, with its base located along Pemimpin Drive. With hoards of chefs whipping up delicious, mouth tantalizing authentic Northern and Southern Indian food for more than 18 years consecutively. “The sight of the chefs working in harmony to produce the food is magnificent, spectacular.” Mr Shanthen reminisced.

As a son then, Mr Shanthen was inspired and aspires to follow his father’s footsteps and become an entrepreneur in the Food and Beverage industry; serving palatable; mouth watering food to the palates of many; for the gourmets’ enjoyment.

In 2009. Mr Shanthen, along with his siblings, made their first headway into the Food and Industry business, by initiating Mayura Restaurant; continuing the Mayura branding spawned from his father 19 years ago, in 1992. “Mayura represents peacock; an animal of pride. I do take pride in the Mayura branding, as it also represents my father’s arduous path to success.” Mr Shanthen elucidated. Situated along at East Coast Road, in the form of a serene and effervescently styled shophouse; situated just minutes away from the beach. Mayura Restaurant possesses an environment where one can achieve solace. “We were pretty lucky to have such a nice place to run the restaurant. The vivid surroundings enhance the good food we provide for the masses.” Mr Shanthen remarked.

By proffering quality food and prompt service, it’s intrinsic for Mayura to boast multitude of recurrent customers. “We always make an effort to offer the same seat for such customers, so they could be sentimental about their last visit, and have a more enjoyable experience at Mayura.” With such a comprehensive service, scaling down to minuscule details, which makes a big difference in overall customer satisfaction, it’s a cinch for Mayura to reign supreme in the industry.

This comes as a surprise to most, but hardly anybody would know that such preeminent success actually took a short span of just 4 weeks to establish. “We were facing a nearing deadline, and we had a manpower shortage problem.” Mr Shanthen explicated. Sometimes at its pinnacle hour, Mr Shanthen also had to help out in the kitchen personally. “Despite having a family with some background related to this industry, we were considered as the new kid on the block. It’s difficult to whip up authentic Indian cuisine as well. We had to get hire chefs from India in order to operate.” Mr Shanthen added.

By assimilating both local and foreign chefs together; melodiously putting together great food for the customers, imparting and picking up skills as they go along, and opting a strategy which would ensure every single staff would have an equal workload; not overloading them, Mayura Restaurant were able to overcome the tough hurdle with much ease. “My father also has conveyed many precious knowledge, which he learnt by being in the industry for more than two decades, in order for me to get the restaurant running in great condition.” Mr Shanthen cogitated with gratitude. “We also carry out intensive researches, both online and by reading, and implement the skills we learnt, to ensure Mayura would be in tip top form.” Mr Shanthen also personally acquired the ability to converse in the Malay language. “Most of our supplies consist of things such as spices, which are only available from the Malay suppliers. Being able to speak in Malay helps break the communication barrier.”

With an idiosyncratic way of integrating both authentic Indian and Chinese cuisine into one restaurant, Mayura is able serve a larger gamut of customers. “It’s certainly a treat for the customers.” Mr Shanthen commented. “Over the years, we had also observed that many customers like to bring their family members along to dine at Mayura. This inspired us to come up with family orientated dishes.” Mr Shanthen also expounded on Mayura’s capabilities of dealing with families in the best order.

With such a proficient modus operandi, succulent; luscious food, it’s small wonder that Mayura Restaurant had been featured in local publishes such as 8 Days magazine; where Mayura Restaurant is rated one of the most recommended dining houses in Singapore. It’s also one of the two restaurants to be chosen for the Highly Recommended Food Award 2010 from It also has been prominently featured on “It is Mayura’s pride to be able to achieve so much in just a couple of years. But we will continue to strive and do better.” Mr Shanthen showed his appreciation.

With a profusion of customers; with more than 70% of them being regulars, and a distinguished; eminent reputation made public through the wondrous viva voce, and sustained local media publishings, Mayura Restaurant is clearly at its triumph. So what does it take in order to obtain success? “Entrepreneurship is in my families blood. But without doubt that’s not the only way for success. In this industry, it’s all about service, and Mayura is persistent to improve every single aspect to make it a better experience for customers; to satisfy them.” Mr Shanthen made intelligible.

“As of running every single business, you need to be humble. If not, you are not motivated for self-improvements. Knowledge is an essential tool in this trade. Have an open mind, be willing to learn anything from anybody.” Mr Shanthen upheld his point of view of being a good entrepreneur. “Respect is mutual. If you were to treat people with respect, they would respect you as well.”

“An entrepreneurship is an adventure for you to go all out. So go for it, go as far as you could. Don’t be afraid. Have confidence in yourself.” Mr Shanthen also added.

Mayura Restaurant is currently planning to branch out with new concepts; introducing differing forms of authentic cuisines from all over the world to the palates of gourmets, and customers alike. It is unquestionably a welcomed addition from Mayura Restaurant.

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