LS 2 Services Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Roger Tan
Mr. Dennis Tan

Singapore is a clean and green city. This fact stands intrinsic. In order to substantiate this, the isle of 268 square miles requires a superior, superlative janitors, clorox every square inch to gleam with glint. That said, the cleaning industry is substantial, integral in sprucing up the country.

LS 2 Services Private Limited is a company founded by, Mr Roger Tan. Working proficiently in tandem, bringing LS 2 Services to success; a company which path to success; to be one of the biggest cleaning company in Singapore, did not came perfunctorily. Setbacks were rife, due to prerequisites in terms of sparse manpower and governmental issues. “There’s a lack of local workers as they are pretty picky, and have higher expectations.” Mr Tan explained.

“LS2 initiated in 1993 when one of my friend gave up this company. I saw the opportunity and grasp hold of it.” he said, upon the realization of LS 2 Services. Despite all the setbacks met, said Mr Tan, along with his right-hand man, Mr Dennis Tan, hand in hand, subjugating issues. With multiple certifications, ameliorating spirits, working along with governmental regulations.

Complacency has no space to linger around. To stave off the demon, LS 2 Services, in collaboration with local institutes such as Republic Polytechnic, had helped innovation strive for a new level. With eco-friendly chemicals; that leaves no ramification on Mother Nature. Augmented vacuum systems which are lithe, facile, and gamuts of apparatuses in the hilt; LS 2 Services could yield a comprehensive range of services at multiple locations.

Having a stigmatized manpower is a big no-no in the trade. LS 2 Services constantly unearth talents in the industry. “We want great people to lead in the management and operation divisions. Our mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations.” Mr Tan explained the logic behind their thoughts.

It’s a cinch behind their logic. LS 2 Services had dispatched with the Singapore Sports Council. “Good partnership relations.” exclaimed Mr Tan, upon entrepreneurship. Other than having good sinews with contacts, he added on: “Entrepreneurship is all about progression. Never stop.”

“A good entrepreneur must have experience. Service is priority. With perseverance; hardwork, he can go very far.” he said assertively. Of course, knowing is half the battle won. Mr Tan added: “Knowledge plays a big role in being a good entrepreneur as well. So be willing to learn. Be humble, and you will be respected.”

LS2 Services stands anabolic with a stark manpower of nigh on 600. All of which, are not driven purely with brawn. It is also dictated by the adroit and methodical way they work; adept, assimilating and capitalizing modern technology. LS 2 Services had gone a long way since it initiated.

“As an entrepreneur, we are proud and honored to receive the Singapore Outstanding Entrepreneur award. We will continue to progress, and pursue success for our company. Thank you.” thanked Mr Tan.

With a maverick leader, fervent manpower, imbued infrastructure, LS 2 shall be prolific in its future.

Contact Details:
362 Upper Paya Lebar Rpad
#07-14 Da Jin Factory Building S(534963)
T| 6281 1843
F| 6281 1802

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