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Mr. Toh Lai Hock

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. You can’t just ask customers what they want and they try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they want something new. This applies very well in the interior designing industry; once which is exceptionally competitive. Only the best; the most innovative and creative interior designer would be able to pull through.

LoveHome Interior Design is an interior-designing firm, which name defines a warm loving home, which revolves around this notion. It’s an interior-designing firm, which proffers innovative and creative renovation ideas for customers who would yearn for a warm, cosy home, which would alleviate all maladies after a long day at work. Its wide range of services varies from a simple design conceptualization to complex task such as building custom design furniture.

In 2004, Mr Kelvin Toh initiated LoveHome Interior Design with just 3 staffs. Mr Toh set upon to venture on his own, as he wanted to devote his 20 years of accumulated experience into his interest; to fabricate a comfortable home for his customers. “I wanted to provide a better living standards for customers using my experience in interior design.” Mr Toh reflected on his spur to commence LoveHome Interior Design.

Initiating a commerce is a laborious task. “My second customer is a homeowner of a 5 room flat in Toh Guan Road. He wanted a major renovation for his house, and theoretically, it would take 1 month for work to complete. However, the people in charge of the masonries completed the work within 3 days. That includes tiling works for the flooring and walls. It was really unexpected.” Mr Toh paused for a moment. “The homeowner was very delighted with our workmanship and speedy service. This incident had made me more driven to succeed.”

Unlike the aforementioned occurrence, life is always not a bed of roses when running a business. “The ultimate challenge is to find the right people. People who are competent, possess the same vision to pursue a common objective in line with LoveHome’s motto: Quality at affordable price, as a team.” Mr Toh remarked, upon the manpower impediment faced when he first went into business.

Mr Toh also added: “As the interior designing industry is extensively dependent on personal capital, to prevent insolvency, having the right people to generate sales revenue is more than welcoming! Time management is definitely an issue, as being a leader is different from an employee; you have to micromanage many aspects of the business, such as sales, financial issues, business operations, the lot. As a leader it’s tough to keep so many things under control. So it’s pretty much an everyday learning experience to run a business well.”

Mr Toh then shared how he extricated LoveHome Interior Design from its entanglement. “Being a leader, you wish to be in charge of everything that the company deals with because you would like to think that you are the best person for the job. However, in reality, it’s extremely tedious and tiring for one to handle.” Mr Toh then stresses the importance of having taut sinews with staffs, “Slowly, I learnt to delegate projects and accounting to my staffs and invest time and trust in them to build up a good rapport between employer and employees.” Mr Toh added, “Having years of experience constitutes to the success of a smooth running business; with good relations between the company and subcontractors.” Having a congruous relationship between staffs, and subcontractors is certainly impervious in the industry.

What disparates LoveHome Interior Design from its competitors is its accordance to its slogan. “It’s all about you. Quality at affordable price, value for money for every given dollar that the customer invest.” Mr Toh then gave his purview to what makes LoveHome Interior Design distinct, “We care about our customers, and we strive to proffer quality at affordable prices. Nobody wants to pay a heap of money for products of subpar quality. We comprehend this fact, and we develop from there.” With such high quality interior design; resembling filigree, its no wonder why LoveHome Interior Design is able to trounced its competitors without any setbacks.

Being so prodigious in the industry translate to a profusion of customer compliments and satisfaction received by LoveHome Interior Design. “In an entrepreneurship, it’s naturally an accolade to receive such high recognition from the public. Every customer’s testimonial and compliment is what motivates LoveHome to move ahead with better prospect.” Mr Toh disclosed his motivation with much delight. “My motivation also comes from my family and friends. Most importantly, the core motivation is from my valued customers who gave me good reviews and showed appreciation for LoveHome’s designs.”

Mr Toh personally perceives entrepreneurship as a sense of satisfaction. “Entrepreneurship is more than just making monetary profits. It is the satisfaction of fulfilling ideal dream homes for customers. It is a calling that is customer-orientated and be able to contribute my services and knowledge to meet the demands of my customers.” Mr Toh made intelligible his perception on the definition of entrepreneurship.

Having strong determination; the power to decimate any setbacks faced is one quality, which Mr Toh displayed to achieve success. “Having vast experience; the ability to learn from failure and good interpersonal relationship with sub-contractors had also helped me to get so far.” Mr Toh proclaimed. “A successful entrepreneur has to possess a strong sense of responsibility, a person who would take charge of everything. He also has to be diligent; the ability to work hard for what he wants, and ultimately, he has to have a common objective to satisfy customers’ demands.”

“Possessing excellent after sales service is vital to greater success. It shows how accommodating you and your business really are. At the same time, it’s advisable to sustain a fruitful long term relationship with customers.” Mr Toh propounded to budding entrepreneurs some business values in order to succeed. “Integrity. This is the key factor, which is critical for our success. It depends entirely on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in all communication. We are committed in terms of honesty and integrity when dealing with customers.”

Mr Toh also added: “Believe in yourself at all times, you can do it. Having great determination, responsibility and sincerity. Be sure to put your feet in the right place, and then stand firm. You would see success one day.”

Today, LoveHome Interior Design has 14 staffs and has grown providentially since when it commenced. LoveHome Interior Design intents to have 3 more branches situated in the heartlands of Singapore to create awareness for customers who seek out in having excellent workmanship and quality. LoveHome Interior Design also aspires to establish a renowned household reputation in the interior design industry and indulge in the pleasure of creating beautiful homes for customers in the next 5 years. With Mr Toh at helm, LoveHome Interior Design shall perpetuate the spirit of its slogan: “It’s all about you, quality at affordable price. Value for money for every given dollar that the customer invest.”

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107 Toa Payoh Lor 1
#01-252 S(31010)
T| 6253 8272


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