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Mr. S. Krishna Rajulu

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Mr S. Krishna Rajulu is at his pinnacle of his life, he is at helm in companies with a high-paying vocation in senior management when he decided to leave his comfort zone in 2005; after working on this vocation for more than a decade, to set out on a challenge as the ultimate measure of a man.

Mr Rajulu broke out of his opulence to commence LMC Academy; abbreviated for Leadership Management Centre, its objective is to proffer corporate training for companies in the constituents of leadership development, management coaching, along with the setting up of public workshops to help hone companies and its employees to reign supreme in their administration. “Having worked for more than a decade in my own bed of roses, I decided to set a challenge for myself, to see if I could excel on my own.” Mr Rajulu explicated his intent of starting out LMC Academy. “At the same time, I like to dedicate my vast experience in the industry to help out those in need.”

Initiating a commerce is an arduous process. Success does not happen overnight. Despite Mr Rajulu’s vast experience in the industry, LMC Academy was still fraught with hurdles when it first initiated. “As we were new, we were oblivious to the public. There are other big brands established around, and it’s quite intimidating.” Mr Rajulu illustrated on LMC Academy’s issues when it was first established. However, LMC Academy managed to pull through with a passionate Mr Rajulu as the helmsman; enduring through the predicament regardless how onerous it is.

“What really helped us pull through is the word of mouth from satisfied clients. Their favorable mention is what made us stand upright along with the big brands in the industry.” Mr Rajulu added. “We also constantly invest in our company to help make it stronger and better for the benefit of our clients.”

LMC Academy focuses on offering client centered programs to help them flourish, and not just hold out “off the shelves” solutions to clients. “We would personally develop case study for companies and deduce their Achilles heel and work from there.” Mr Rajulu spelled out LMC Academy modus operandi. “This way, we could maximize our efficiency and it would do good to our clients as well.” Mr Rajulu commented with glee.

Despite having an extensive experience in the industry, Mr Rajulu makes no hesitation to have an open mind for learning. “Knowledge is power. We work extensively to acquire knowledge. Our greatest learning experience is acquired by working with numerous Human Resource departments. We do learn from our peers too, it helps us to branch out and develop business opportunities.” Mr Rajulu commented.

“What I feel proud about LMC Academy and the services it provides is that it isn’t an “one-time” thing. I mean, these are applications, which you can apply for life. That’s what make me proud about it.” Mr Rajulu said in high spirits. In an entrepreneurship, customer satisfaction is what makes up a successful business. “We always make an effort to maintain a good relationship with our clients, we have clients who stuck through thick and thin with us since day 1. To me, it’s a form of acknowledgement that our clients appreciate what we do. That alone, would have meant that we had succeed.”

Entrepreneurship is an intricate balancing act. “An entrepreneur must be sacrificial in order for his company to thrive, but not to a point where he overdoes it. It’s important to keep a balance between work, and family.” an insightful Mr Rajulu explained. “Put lots of hard-work into the mix, you would have the ultimate recipe for success. Hard work is not just based on how much you do for your business. You must not neglect your family as well. All in all, it’s all about balance.”

Sometimes, things that are subliminal are what that makes the biggest change. “What really motivates me is the ability to come to work and see the efforts put in to achieve our goals. You can see and feel, the work you had put in to make things happen.” Mr Rajulu reflected upon his motivation to transcend beyond for the better.

Honesty is always the best policy. “To succeed, it’s important for a person to be able to say ‘No’ to a business which you can’t handle, even if it’s really lucrative.” Mr Rajulu regarded in a serious tone. “You should not take anything more than you can chew. It’s a prerequisite for a person to be direct in business to make the right decisions. A good businessman is a man of his words; he would deliver what he promised.”

Mr Rajulu also added: “Money isn’t everything in business. If all you care about is money, you would not last in the industry. If you would like to commence your own business, think carefully before you dive into it. Stick to your own principles; be loyal to your ideas and passion, and be sure of what you want to do.”

“If given the chance, I would certainly like to expand. My clients had been urging me for an expansion for the proficiency of our work. I do have the same sentiments as well, I, too want to spread more of our creation for the benefit of more people.” Mr Rajulu stated.

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