Living Craft

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ben Leow

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. For a house to qualify as a home, it’s pertinent for its homeowners to put their hearts on it. It has to consist a high threshold of ambience; with the right and befitting design integrated into it. This is what Living Craft inspires to clinch on – making a house a place called home.

Living Craft is a one-stop solution in the aspects of all import, export, wholesale and retail needs of home-related appliances. Appliances integral to making your house a home; composed of both design and functionality which would certainly serve the ambience factor to any houses. From a substantial freezer to minutiae, but essential shower sets and cooker stoves etc, Living Craft would provide the optimum solution to every of your needs to make your house a home.

The driving force of Living Craft would be Mr Ben Leow, who had founded this industry stronghold with more than a decade of experience on his hilt; assimilating into the industry since the early 1990s. “I decided to start off my own business in this field as I had much exposure, having spent a lot of time in this industry. This way, I could serve what I know best to customers.” Mr Leow put into words on his decision to initiate his choice of commerce. Mr Leow had been working in the regional market, building up his business along with the development of related products before electing to infiltrate the Singapore market in 2007. “If we stay focus and find our own niche, Singapore is a good potential market to develop.” an optimistic Mr Leow orated.

With proper cognizance of how things works; the trend and competition ensued from this particular industry, and a rich background in this region and knowledge acquired from past experiences, Mr Leow initial foray into the Singapore market is a cinch. “We had financial problems at first.” Mr Leow commented, but this apprehension was soon resolved under the mastery of Mr Leow; being adept in this industry. “We ensured that the business started off step by step; minimizing operation costs. From product sourcing, development, all the way to sales and delivery, we take scrutiny in every procedure.” a teutonic; systematic Mr Leow elucidated.

Due to Living Craft starting off with a modest beginning, Mr Leow is substantially humble. “We are not a family business nor am I from a rich family. We did not have capital from the beginning, nor a warehouse, or a fancy showroom to showcase our products. We only had a shared storage space at that point of time, and there we go..” Mr Leow ruminated on Living Craft’s minuscule operations in the past. Over the years, Living Craft had flourished gradually and propitiously. “I am also glad to say that we now possess a proper showroom and office space at a convenient location to serve our clients much more efficiently.” Mr Leow added.

Living Craft operates in an idiosyncratic way; being very observance in this industry. “We monitor competition and market trends closely and fast in figuring out our position. This way, we could take measure to differentiate ourselves among competitors and meet our customers’ needs in a different way.” Mr Leow explicitly commented.

Being an experienced veteran in this field, Living Craft always had access to a refined clientele base. Living Craft has been able to proffer furnishing solutions for governmental organizations such as schools, local universities, and NTUC; a local governmental trade union. But what makes up Mr Leow’s pride and joy is not his faculty to work with many large clients, but the fact that he had attained so much; especially from scratch. “Being able to serve customers’ house like my own home and satisfy their needs is my greatest pride and joy.” Mr Leow annotated with much gusto.

“Entrepreneurship is a stage of maturity. It’s similar to a butterfly emerging from a pupa, ready to spread it wings to take flight and attain its own survival from its past history; fending itself for its life.” Mr Leow gave a metaphor to his definition of entrepreneurship. “It also enables you to craft your life the way you want it, executing your own beliefs for your own success. That’s what I like about being an entrepreneur.” Mr Leow added.

To Mr Leow, inspiration could be derived anywhere. “To me, there’s no absolute perfection in life. Every single thing could be improved on to make life easier.” Mr Leow mentioned, relating to his developing intuition he garnered during his early days in the line. “Success may be realized with, Determination.” Mr Leow continued, “Having strong determination is not enough, you must continuously show your niche in term of niche in your products and niche in your services.” Mr Leow construed on how an entrepreneur would success.

Mr Leow went on to advocate on the importance of preventing a surfeit of expenses incurred for the business, “Managing fixed over-head is important in starting up your own business. Minimizing costs and generating more productivity would lead to a healthy business. Be concise and minimize extra costs incurring, such as transport, rental and operation costs.” He also added, “Knowledge is power. Knowing your business inside out would give you a head start in the industry. Find your niche; forte, and work from there, being an expert in what you do would make you stand out among all other entrepreneurs. Last but not least, stay away from negative people”

Living Craft is currently in midst of transformation and diversions, venturing into the aspect of interior designing, along with the research and development of more efficient LED lighting solutions. When it pulls through, we shall be able to see Living Craft selling these products in Singapore and to neighboring countries; relentlessly persisting on what it does best: Making a home where the heart is.

Contact Details:
1016 Geyland East Avenue 3
#04-151 S(389731)
T| 6745 6390
F| 6745 6390


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