Super Travels Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Huang Yuxiang

Saint Augustine once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”Some people find their inner selves and inspiration when they explore and understand people and cultures from different countries. This is the case for Mr. Huang Yuxiang, President of Super Travels Pte. Ltd., who came from China to Singapore in 1990, on a mission to explore business opportunities.

Back in China, Mr. Huang used to be working for the government for many years, but he decided he needed a change in career and in scenery as well, “I just wasn’t allowed to create things. There was no room to grow, the only thing I was able to do was to follow others’ instructions.” Coming to a fast developing place like Singapore, a place where also fellow Chinese dwell, Mr. Huang wanted to emphasize on traditional Chinese values and practices he proudly stood for.

Mr. Huang first set up a business in the IT industry, but soon ventured into the travel business instead, finding it more meaningful with a great potential to grow. In 1996, he took over Super Travels Pte. Ltd, a company that was set up back in 1978.

The path to success for Super Travels was not as smooth as one would think. Even though by then Mr. Huang had been living in Singapore for more than 5 years, he did not know Singapore as well as a native. At that time, there were roughly 700 travel agencies. Many of them were family businesses with their existing list of loyal customers they catered for. Super Travels did not have its established niche into the travel market at that point. In addition, the company was financially limited.

However, Mr. Huang was determined to overcome the obstacles in his path. Super Travels was meant to become a renowned travel agency in Singapore. He went hands-on in the daily operations of the company – this included sweeping the floors and cleaning the tables by himself. At that time, traveling was still considered a luxury to the common average Singaporean. Thus, it was Mr. Huang’s aim to study the market and cater traveling to the common people, bringing low prices but good service quality to them. By doing this, Super Travels began to grow rapidly; in a span of eight months it made a profit of 7 million dollars.

Since then, Super Travels has accomplished many achievements that made it into the company it is today. In particular, there are a few achievements that Mr. Huang hold close to. First, he has trained many travel professionals, watching them gain their own standing in the industry. He also oversaw his company setting new industry standards, bringing the Singapore culture overseas by expanding the company’s network, establishing Super Travels as a travel company that is apart from the rest.

Now a veteran in the travel industry, Mr Huang knows what differentiates an excellent businessman from an average one. He mused, “You reap what you sow- the amount of effort you put in determines how far you can go”. Mr Huang also firmly believes that there are no shortcuts in this industry, and that you must research, learn, and prepare for the unforeseen challenges ahead. Lastly, we should always be grateful for the blessings in our lives; the company would not be where it is now without the support of his family, friends, customers and employees.

There are more great things ahead for Super Travels. Mr Huang plans to open more branches and form new networks both locally and overseas, re-locating some of his staff to Europe and putting them in charge. Sounds daunting? Mr Huang sees opportunity in every difficulty, and no task can prove to be impossible to him – that is the mindset that has carried him to where he is now right from the very start.

Contact Details:
133 New Bridge Road #03-01/02
Chinatown Point S(059413)
T| 6312 3392 / 6392 3688
F| 6392 2392 / 6392 4392

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