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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alvin Yip

An air-conditioning system is without doubt vital to the general population of Singaporeans. With an equatorial climate; consisting of an uniform temperature and high humidity, one would be obliged for the cooling comfort a superlative air-conditioning proffers. Lightning Air-conditioning Services is an one stop solution for everybody’s cooling  necessity. Yielding proficient services in the facets of air-conditioning maintenance, installations, and the retail sale of air-conditioning systems; eponymous to its name, in a fast and accurate characteristic, which had made Lightning Air-Conditioning Services prominent in the line.

Life started out as an entrepreneur for Mr Alvin Yap in 2003 when he started Lightning Air-conditioning. Prior to that, Mr Yap had took a circuitous route, administering every exertion available to a man, for Lightning Air-conditioning to come into realization. “I had always wanted to start out a business of mine since young.” Mr Yap pondered over his dream; which he had wanted for it to come into embodiment since his adolescent age. Being deficit in the knowledge of the inner-workings of air-conditioning contrivances, Mr Yap decided to get a vocation in an air-conditioning company; which he had toiled through to attain every single minutiae of experience possible. “To me, it’s the only way i could realize my dream.” Mr Yap expounded.

The days of mire isn’t over. As Lightning Air-conditioning initiated, Mr Yap was met with a manpower predicament. “In this industry, it’s hard to find competent employees. Lightning Air-conditioning, being a small enterprise, is not permitted to hire foreign workers.” Mr Yap elucidated. Lightning Air-conditioning was also in a tight spot due to the lack of financial aid when it started. “Being a company commenced with a small capital, it’s hard to sustain the business.” Mr Yap added. Workers were tentative about their vocations in Lightning Air-conditioning; quitting and leaving the place after a short period of time. A shortage of manpower, a lack of financial support, along with the fickleness of the staffs, it seems as if Lightning Air-conditioning would not live to see the light.

Fortunately, Mr Yap is no quitter. “That’s the essence of survival as an entrepreneur. If you fail, you keep trying and trying until you succeed.” Mr Yap commented. Mr Yap began fraternizing with interior designers, agents, and through this process, it reaped; customers thronged into Lightning Air-conditioning after further endorsements from interior designers, property agents alike. Supplemental to that, Lightning Air-conditioning vouches on extending their services with sincerity. “We put customers on our priority. We work 7 days a week. This way, we could outstretch our services to customers more often.” Mr Yap, mentioning on one of the regards of proving sincerity to the masses.

Through Mr Yap’s, along with Lightning Air-Conditioning, meticulous attention to detail, his sincerity; which many customers has upheld over the years, Mr Yap was able to secure scores of customers. Once, Mr Yap was summoned to help out a customer at 10PM in the night. Not only Mr Yap pulled the job off without any hitches, he did not utter any lament at all. “Some of these customers had been through thick and thin with me since Day 1. It’s heartwarming to see such a sight.” Mr Yap reminisced. “It’s also a marvel to see how Lightning Air-conditioning had got so far just by the mean of word of mouth. We absolutely do not advertise at all. We believe the quality our products is more important than marketing.” Mr Yap added.

“Humans behave in a mutual way. Treat them well, they would treat you well. This applies to customers, staffs, everyone. That is why Lightning Air-conditioning put so much emphasis on service.” Mr Yap urged. Lightning Air-conditioning serves in an idiosyncratic way; preventing from pulling off any fancy marketing tactics, which might deemed irksome to some. Instead, proficient workers would adopt a personal style of marketing, treating clients like their own family member. Lightning Air-conditioning would deem clients’ products as their own, and would give a studious, thorough ministration when working on them. “This is what makes Lightning Air-conditioning distinctive from our competitors. We treat everybody like our own.” Mr Yap remarked.

Having gone through lugubrious times with his staffs at the commencement of Lightning Air-conditioning, Mr Yap have utmost consideration for his staffs. “We started off as a trio, but now, we have more than twenty staffs. This might seem quite little to some. But to me, it’s already quite an achievement as compared to when we started off.” Mr Yap recollected. Due to this aspect, Mr Yap also has much esteem on the loyalty of his staffs. “I had staffs which had left shortly during initiation. Having staffs instilled with fidelity is a blessing.”

“Entrepreneurship is all about hardwork. If you don’t work hard for it, it’s not going to happen.” Mr Yap put into words his definition of the formation of a successful entrepreneurship. “You also need to give trust to your clients, the trust where you would set things right for them.” Mr Yap also proved that perseverance is pertinent to sustain in the industry; determined to not throw in the towel despite how arduous things are. “Be confident in everything you do, starting a business is all about going all out. No risk no gain. So just do it.” Mr Yap also added.

Through the years, Mr Yap had made a salient name for himself and Lightning Air-conditioning. It’s without doubt a miracle, explicitly when Lightning Air-conditioning started out from a scratch. Behind every successful man, there’s certainly a woman. Mr Yap’s wife had been rooting him out since Day 1; she has been helping out Mr Yap in carrying out administrative works. “Without her, i wouldn’t be standing where i m today.” Mr Yap thanked gratuitously.

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#02-44 S(528836)
T| 6241 8331
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