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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Fernandez S. Pius

The land of Israel has been long regarded by various religions as the Holy Land because of its association with the birth, crucifixion, and subsequent resurrection of Jesus. As such, it is a location of frequent pilgrimages by people from all around the world. One of the very few Singaporean companies that specializes in pilgrimage tours to Israel is Holyland Travel and Tours Pte Ltd, a company that has been providing pilgrimage tours in a niche market since 1989.

Established by Mr. Fernandez S. Pius, Holyland Travel and Tours offers a full suite of travel packages, catering to a wide audience with various preferences; for the religious individual who wishes to learn more about themselves and their religion, for the casual traveler who wishes to visit the corners of Asia and Europe, for schools who wishes to let their students experience the world in school tours or sports tours, and even for Singaporeans who wishes to visit the landmarks of Singapore under the careful guidance of a tour guide.

As a Christian, Mr. Fernandez felt that it is a duty of a Christian to pay homage to the origins of their religion. “I have also noticed that few Catholics from Singapore visit the Holy Land. As Holy Land is the place where Christianity started, I felt that as a Christian, we should visit Holy Land at least once in our lifetime. This prompted me to start a company in the travel industry.” As such, Holyland Travel and Tours was established, with Mr. Fernandez hoping it would encourage more Christians to visit Holy Land and learn more about their own religion.

However, the ambitious venture was not without its complications; war is, at many times, rife in Israel, presenting many real-life practical and logistical problems for Mr. Fernandez. “The fear the people had in going to Holy Land was the fights and wars taking place in Israel. At times, people who have booked to go withdrew from the trip at the last moment when they hear of some trouble in the country. The challenge then, was to convince the people that it was safe to visit Israel.” But those who did venture to the Holy Land came back satisfied, leaving Mr. Fernandez to remark, “My proudest achievements are the satisfied customers who are very happy with our services and recommend their friends to us. Some of them even return to travel again with us.”

The travel industry is versatile and ever-changing, and with various major events happening around the world, whether good or bad, it adversely affects the results of the company. Mr. Fernandez thinks that everything would not have been possible without his passion and intention to keep him going: “What motivates and inspires me are my customers with their wonderful comments and recommendations. However, we know that we need to be versatile, to constantly keep up to trend and bring in new, innovative ideas.”

Indeed, as more and more travel companies are starting to cater to the niche market of pilgrimage trips in Singapore, Mr. Fernandez is thinking about proceeding with other new initiatives for the company. “I have planned other activities such as Medical Tourism and Sports Tourism, which no one is doing at the present moment in Singapore. This may allow Singaporeans to break free from their comfort zone, letting them experience and getting the exposure that they may otherwise not be able to receive.”

With passion and heart, it has allowed Mr. Fernandez to take Holyland Travels and Tours from strength to strength. He believes that they are vital ingredients that will be integral to anyone looking to succeed in business: “A person can be successful in their business, but only if they like what they are doing, only if they put their heart into doing it.” The experienced Mr. Fernandez also has the following advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business, “It is important to learn and know as much as possible about the business that one wants to do before entering into the industry.”

With such a veteran in the industry at the head of the company, there is no doubt that Mr. Fernandez will only continue to lead Holyland Travels and Tours to accumulate more achievements in the industry.

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