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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Louis Teo
Ms. Brenda Keung

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Throughout Lighting & Sound Distribution’s operation for more than a decade, Mr Louis Teo and his spouse Mrs Brenda Teo had been share their delectation between each other when times are up. When times are down, the couple is not reluctant to commiserate with each other upon their predicament. The essence to their success is their spirit of love, which is a superlative encouragement and spur for them to attain new heights.

The conception behind Lighting & Sound Distribution dates back to Mr Louis Teo’s youthful days. “Louis started off as a DJ since he was 16 and sound engineering is his professionalism. Lighting and other effects techniques came to him as a passion in the later years.” Mrs Teo divulged on Mr Teo’s passion, which would eventually led to the commencement of Lighting & Sound Distribution. “For myself, my passion for entrepreneurship comes from the challenge of building this business in this industry, basically i started off from ground zero knowledge and as i followed Louis’s footstep and guidance as we worked together. As we are working together, i started to see his uniqueness; it also goes for the business. This is an interesting trade.” a valorous Mrs Teo contemplated.

In 2001, Lighting & Sound Distribution surfaced into the industry under the duo’s conviction of establishing a business, which distributes a good range of quality lighting and sound equipments to customers from the gamut of entertainment industries throughout the South-East Asia region. “We mainly distribute exclusive brands of lightings, special effects and sound equipments and products primarily imported from the Western and European countries and distributing them to the entertainment industries locally and around the South-East Asia region when required.” Mr Teo explicated Lighting & Sound Distribution’s key operations.

Life is not always full of ups, it is inevitable that everybody would meet a stumbling block through the course of life; this does not differ in an entrepreneurship. Said Mr Teo: “We had quite a few challenges running the business, but the main issues were to obtain the goods and the distributorship rights for the brands and products from the Western and European countries. It was not easy due to strict requirements.” Mr Teo uttered. “To add on, some of the brands we were planning to represent had their rights given to other businesses locally, or they had already situated a headquarters here in Singapore.” Mrs Teo rejoined: “We also face hardship in establishing the various brands in Singapore and convince new customers about the products that we represent for our principal.”

To overcome this impediment, Mr and Mrs Teo perpetually sought out for new brands and technologies to make available for their customers. “We would regularly keep to date with technologies regarding our products and visit overseas trade shows and exhibitions every year to be exposed, and at the same time, looking for brands and products for our industry and trade.” Mrs Teo remarked. “We also practice regular visits and on site demos to our customers either at their venues or our showroom to show them our new products and at the same time offering training sessions for interested buyers.”

“We believe in providing honest, genuine and personal service. It is important to provide accurate information to our customers at all times on both products and services as it takes just one inaccurate information or a case of bad service to lose all the credibility of our business.” Mr Teo observed the volatility of entrepreneurship. “In order to pull ahead from our competitors, we always put our customers as our priority no matter what happens.” With such deftness in running the trade, it is not a surprise to know that most of Lighting & Sound Distribution past customers are still their current ones. “It’s our joy to know that we have such supportive customers who had placed their trust in us since day one in terms of introducing the right products, keeping them posted and updated of the new products for their use in their business and trade.” Mrs Teo paused. “Some to the extend, after almost a decade, they are still using the equipments they bought from us since when we started.”

Admittedly, running a business is laborious, but what it yields deserves the amount of time and work invested in it. “When we first started off, we only represented 2 brands. Today, we are representing over 20 brands. Through the years, our company had become stronger and bigger. We started off with a rented office space, which just spans 200 square feet. Now, we own a 2700 square feet space which houses our warehousing, office, showroom and service centre under one roof.” Mr Teo ruminated upon Lighting and Sound Distribution’s achievements through its decade of operations. “The brands that we had started off from day one is still with us after 10 years in the business. This truly shows the support and commitment from the brands towards us.”

“To me, entrepreneurship means believing in yourself to start your own business and achieving your own goals. It’s a way to distinguish yourself from the others by providing excellent and personal services to each individual customers.” Mr Teo gave his opinion on entrepreneurship. “What motivates and inspires us is when we are able to fulfill and satisfy every individual customer’s needs and requirements. This gives a sense of achievement and drive to move further on in meeting customers’ needs and expectations.” Mrs Teo reflected on Lighting & Sound Distribution’s driving force; which is their invigorating customers.

So what makes up a successful entrepreneur? Said Mrs Teo: “Personally i think you need to believe in yourself. You must have the belief that you could succeed. Also, you need to have passion about your work and motivate yourself to move to the next level. Have an open mind and be willing to learn. Most importantly, you need to possess integrity and honesty to be truthful to your staffs and customers.” Mr Teo then regarded: “Know what you want to achieve in your life, and if starting your own business is what you want to do, be prepared to face challenges and obstacles along the way, and do not give up in what you believe to achieve your goals.”

With more brands entering the industry, Lighting & Sound Distribution is going to face tough times ahead as competition turn vociferous. “We are looking forward to moving into a bigger premise to provide more efficient after sales service and also to have enough stocks of our products to meet the urgent demands of our customers.” Mrs Teo divulged on Lighting & Sound Distribution’s expansion plan.

Possessing such a high threshold of efficiency, along with their fervent love, Mr and Mrs Teo, along with Lighting & Sound Distribution shall vanquish over their hitches competently in time to come.

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55 Ubi Avenue 3 #02-46
Frontier S(408867)
T| 6745 1233
F| 6741 1233

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