Leeden Limited

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Tham

Leeden Limited; a conglomerate, listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1975, is Asia’s integration specialist for Welding, Gas and Safety, proffering solutions for industrial welding, gas and safety; integrated under one roof. “Leeden”, a stylized term for the word “Leader”, to portray Leeden Limited being the leader in the industry.

Today after 47 years in the market, Leeden Limited stands larger, stronger and more successful; with more than a thousand proficient, skilled and adept staff employed over 8 countries. Leeden Limited is now a fore leader in the roaring trade; an eminent name in the region. With a growing numbers of offices and factories being set up all over the South-east Asia region, the growth potential for Leeden Limited is at its certainty.

The man behind this thriving success is Mr Steven Tham. During his 11 year stint as the CEO of Leeden Limited, its fiscal had multifold many times. “A business is to serve, and manage people for the benefit of everybody. In order to do so, you must be committed to your company, and be able to think on your feet.”

When Mr Tham first joined the Company, Leeden Limited was fraught with many problems. The Company was involved in many different businesses and was lacking in directions. Mr Tham had to endeavor to bring it right back on course. With a pursuant, pugilistic, never-say-die spirit, an ardent Mr Tham began to focus growing on the Company’s core business, the Industrial Business, working through the channels; hiring graduates, expanding regionally. Soon, the results show that his proposal is for the better, and that Mr Tham is no ordinary businessman; he’s an entrepreneur connoisseur.

What makes Leeden Limited a fore leader in the industry is the idiosyncratic way it works. “With thorough planning, and spending much time on planning, strategizing, we are certain that we would be able to survive; even in the rainy days.” Mr Tham explicated. With a full range of products Leeden Limited integrates all 3 elements together; welding, gas and safety. “We do not just sell products. What we provide is solutions. Solutions for customers to make their business better and more productive.”

When asked on Mr Tham’s driving force, he replied without a moment of thought: “The achievements attained lead me to aim higher and get better results.” remarking on his spur.

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail. With planning, you won’t fail. Competition is what hones you as an entrepreneur; do not give up just because of a setback.” Mr Tham advocated, on the knick and knacks of being a successful entrepreneur. “Experience does counts, so be sure to pick up experience whenever possible. Having a backup plan would help you go a long way as well.”

“Last but not least, be humble; you would not grow out of your shell if you are complacent and satisfied with what you had done.”

Contact Details:
1 Shipyard Road S9628128
T| 6266 4868
F| 6266 2026
E| enquiry@leedenlimited.com


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