Laser Ace Cables & Accessories Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eddrick Low
Mrs. Linda Low

A real entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them. It’s a lot easier to stay in your comfort zone, but sometimes entrepreneurs have to take risks. When the risks pay off, that’s when you reap the biggest rewards. Couples Mrs Linda and Mr Eddrick Low took the plunge in 1997, to initiate Laser Ace Cables & Accessories. Never did they know that they would see success today.

For Mr Eddrick Low, becoming an entrepreneur is what he long yearned for, this was why in 1997, Mr Low was resolute to start his own business. With some savings he had, Laser Ace Cables & Accessories came into realization. “Laser is something which is fast and swift; it shows that we are efficient in our service. While Ace represents the triumph card in a deck. We aim to be the leading company in this industry.” Mr Low revealed how the name Laser Ace Cables & Accessories was established. “I saw the potential in this industry, coupled with my experience; having worked in related fields for many years, this industry was the perfect choice for me.” Mr Low added.

Laser Ace Cables & Accessories is a company that serves as an electrical cable distributor for the Southeast Asian market. “We also participate in projects with schools, hospitals, airports, and many others.” Mrs Low remarked. Despite being able to partake in ventures proposed by the local government, such as schools and governmental monuments, success was not derived in an cinch for the company. “It’s difficult to convince our suppliers as we are still a budding company. People were still skeptical of us, as we were new at start.” Mr Low disclosed some of the hurdles met when initiating Laser Ace Cables & Accessories. “There was some serious competition as there were many bigger players in the industry as well.”

Nevertheless, what segregates Laser Ace Cables & Accessories from the pack is the confidence that it possess in its products. “We believe in our products, and what we want to put across to our clients.” Mrs Low explicated. Due to the company’s superlative products, the public often portrays Laser Ace Cables & Accessories with much resemblance as bigger companies. “We believe in quality, and we do not compromise in the quality of our products. We were also lucky that we have many supportive clients to trust us with big orders, that way we secured orders from suppliers too.” Mr Low continued, and elucidated upon how the company conquered its predicaments.

“We are not very large in terms of operations yet, in my opinion.” Mr Low admitted humbly. “We are glad that we can come this far with a small setup from the start.” Mr Low dictated what is deemed in his mind an entrepreneurial success for himself. “Our customers have always been very supportive since the start. Once, our clients brought us food when we were working on site during a bright, sunny day. Many customers also became friends after working with us.” Mrs Low disclosed sentimentally. “Entrepreneurship is all about being daring to take on risks, and believing in yourself.” Mr Low asserted on the pertinence of an entrepreneur able to get out of his comfort zone.

“My husband has been my pillar of strength throughout our entrepreneurship. I learnt a lot from him, including life experiences and doing business.” Mrs Low lauded Mr Low. Mr Low continued to give his opinion on the qualities needed for success: “Confidence is the key to success. You need to stay positive to stay strong out of your convenience in an entrepreneurship. Be sincere to your customers, and always fulfill their needs.”

Mr Low then espoused: “Dare to try entrepreneurship. Fear not of what others say about you.” urging young people to be intrepid and ignore all spurious comments at times. “We may also acquire other products such as LED lighting to proceed with our expansion plans. We are also looking into expanding our range of products.” Mr Low concluded. Without doubt, these implementations will accentuate Laser Ace Cables & Accessories’ operations even further.

Contact Details:
51 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-23
Paya Ubi Industrial Park S(408933)
T| 6259 6233
F| 6259 6235

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