Singapore Brain Development Centre Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jason Teo

Use your brain, open your heart and learn how to work smart. With the combination of body, mind and spirit, Singapore Brain Development Centre Pte Ltd has managed to find a winning formula that brings together the complexity and intensity that the brain requires to be fully optimised.

Started in 2005 by its director, Mr Jason Teo, the company has brought in programmes from around the world that focus on improving the capacity of children through the following areas: cognition, communication, EQ and ways to optimise learning. Programme such as the PowerMind Junior Programme is an exciting and holistic program developed to aid in the physical, emotional and intellectual development of young children. It entices learning through play that incorporates all seven sensory integration.

Mr Teo was in the education line prior to starting this business and his passion for kids and the promising industry outlook coupled with his personal experience made him decide to venture his own career. “There are kids with learning issues and it is not that they do not want to learn but rather, they just can’t absorb anything and cannot cope with the demands in school,” explained Mr Teo, who went on to research on the development of the brain so as to help this group of children.

However, it was not the easiest of task to persuade and convince parents that what they are providing are useful for their children when the company first started. “Nobody understood what we were doing and it was really hard to educate the parents about the benefits of such programmes.”

Nevertheless, with patience and determination, Mr Teo started to explain to each parent individually and even allowed the parents to sit in so they can see for themselves how the programme is being run and whether they are suitable for the children. With the heart for children and its unique brain training, it was only a matter of time before the hard work bear fruition. Currently, it is the only business in Singapore that uses the programme and the results have been pretty startling.

To Mr Teo, entrepreneurship is about the willingness to take risks and the self believe that what you’re doing will eventually turn out good. He attributes his source of motivation to his wife, who has rendered him support since day one as well as his faith in God. “Through mistakes made along the way, they made me stronger and wiser and this constantly motivates me to excel.”

For people who want to start their own business, Mr Teo has some words of advice. “You need to have the determination, perseverance, discipline and resilience to withstand the initial period as it will be tough. Most important of all, one must always have integrity in the way he runs his business. Otherwise, there is only one path that the company is heading to – doom. So long you have a good business model and you believe in it, go for it! You have my support! This could be a test of your characters as you learn along the way. You reap what you have sown”
In the near future, Mr Teo aims to expand his business and be a one stop solution to all the issues that parents and their kids have. “We hope to continue to research and come up with a wider range of services to cater to a larger group of clients so that we can extend our help to the vast majority as we find happiness in helping our clients.”

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390 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #04-04
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