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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eddy Lee

“In order to be really good and successful at something, you have to enjoy doing it from the bottom of your heart. If you don’t, oftentimes you’ll find yourself not being able to do well at it.” Explicated Mr Eddy Lee, Long Heng Air-Con Design Pte Ltd’s managing director. Eddy‘s passion for air-conditioning industry grew during the age of 15, as an apprentice in his uncle’s air-conditioning company. This passion drove Eddy to start his own company successfully in 1997.

Long Heng Air-Con Design through the combination of the experience and well-trained staff within the company enable them to provide top quality services to clients anywhere in Singapore. At Long Heng Air-Con Design, they install all types of residential, commercial, industrial air conditioner units. Beside installation, all staff is also well experienced in providing repair and maintenance services for all types of air-conditioners.

With a humbler beginning of only two staff operating from home for three years, Long Heng Air-Con Design grew till now comfortably operating under North Star Commercial building locating in Ang Mio Kio. Throughout the years, Long Heng Air-Con Design has built a strong clientele and has completed projects above S$1 million. Eddy then went on sharing his plan for the next 5 years: “though we have obtained a significant achievement throughout the sixteen years of operation, but we are not just going to stop here. I will continue to grow this business and to expand our manpower, so to provide better and efficient service.”

Like any business, Long Heng too experiences its fair share of challenges during the initial of the company. Durng the SARS outbreak, maintenance revenue was badly hit as non-admittance of outsiders into residential area were enforced to prevent the virus from spreading beyond control. Eddy eradicated the challenges by being determined and committed to fulfill customers’ aspirations; adhering to his main principal, Eddy had no hiccups satiating to his customers’ request. Eddy would also personally superintend and scrutinize every single work to ensure utmost quality workmanship.

Eddy then went on sharing what entrepreneurship means to him: “I believe entrepreneurship is about reciprocate back to the society.” Despite of Eddy’s busy schedule, he would still participate in any charitable organization especially those linked in air-conditioning. For instant, with a purchased of air-conditioner through suppliers, a certain percentage will be contributed to disabled organizations. Eddy also frequently attends dinners organized by old-age homes.

“You need to be hard working and responsible in everything you do in order to be successful in life.”Eddy answered when quizzed on what qualities a successful person should possess. “You must have passion in the work you do, and to put in your 100% effort in nurturing your business.” Eddy advised young budding entrepreneur.

Equipped with the entrepreneurial spirit and respectable project reference list, there is no doubt that Mr. Eddy Lee will definitely advance rapidly in his business.

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