Chapter One Interior Design Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. John Lau

John Ruskin once said: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” The same principle applies to Mr John Lau; director of Chapter One Interior Design Pte Ltd. It is always easy for anyone to say “we are providing quality service”, however in order for anyone to really provide quality service it means that the person must put in a lot of effort.

Initiated in May 2009, their approach to design is informed and evolves through research, enquiry, and differentiation. At Chapter One Interior Design, they constantly seek to find innovative design solution arising out of the constraints from negotiating clients’ needs. Renovating houses should be a process that is enjoyable and memorable to all clients. John will definitely takes time to listen and understand his client needs and wants for every given space and finally arrive with a concept design that please their customer. “We will also help to educate our clients about products available that will create the best end result.” John expounded.

With over 10 years of experience in interior designing, John is able to fathom every client’s request, down to every intricacy. There’s always a fair share of challenges faced in the industry. However, with a supportive wife behind his back encouraging him and motivating him, nothing is too big for John to handle. “By keeping up with the current trends and providing quality work, we are able to build strong relationship with our clients, and through the word of mouth conveyed by the customers, business keeps coming in.” John vividly elucidates how he eradicated his challenges faced. John also had to go the extra mile; he would personally micromanage the whole project until its completion. “This way, we could expect the desired goal we had in mind.” John shared.

John was initially working for a company; the idea of initiating his own design firm dawned upon him when he realized that there were many restrictions working for others. “I want to set-up a company that allows freedom of expression for all my staff.” John continued, “I like to show my personal capabilities through my works. Moreover, I decided to open my own interior designing company so as to levitate the standards of commercial space designs.”
John’s entrepreneurial success is a result of perseveration, perpetual amelioration to do better for customers and his careful planning. To be able to meet the expectations of different client both their needs and wants, John fervent and undying passion toward his work kept him going.

Right now, Chapter One Interior Design is planning to have a showroom. “It is also our desire to groom up other sale personnel, and help them to grow. Entrepreneur is not just about bringing in business, but how you are able to touch and change people lives around you.” John shed some light on Chapter One Interior Design’s future plans.
With such a high proficiency, and an impressive leader like John, Chapter One Interior Design will definitely soar to a greater height.

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T| 9181 7549
F| 6219 4654

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