Chapter One Learning Centre Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Willy
Mr. Leon

Learn Chinese the fun way at Chapter One Learning Centre (人之初语文学校) !

Set up in 2003, Chapter One Learning Centre aims to help pre-school children gain interest in Chinese language with its Creative Story Adventure Course. It also endeavors to help primary and secondary school students strengthen their foundation in the language and improve their command of the language with the Language Builder Course(华文强化班). Students who have relatively stronger foundation in the language will be enrolled in Chinese Star course (华文精英班), designed to bring their command of the language to a higher level of excellence, in which they will expand their knowledge beyond school syllabi.

With a small teacher-students ratio and cozy classroom, it allows more opportunity for teacher and student to interact effectively.

“At Chapter One, we believe there is a champion in each child and no child is too slow to learn. We want to unleash the Mandarin capabilities in them. We believe that every child has the potential to excel in the language given the right environment and positive encouragement towards learning Chinese. Learning should start from young,” Leon and Willy explained, “Chapter One means the beginning of a book. The story must be captivating so that people would wish to continue reading the book. Likewise, a good head start in learning Chinese would motivate the kids to continue learning the language with passion and vigor . Chapter One provides just that precisely.” As the Chinese
proverb goes ” A good beginning means half of the battle is won.”

Coming from a family of businessmen, it seems natural that Willy will take the path of an entrepreneur one day. True enough, education sector is where Willy found passion and potential in. “Education is something easier to relate to. It is meaningful to groom the next generation, especially in Chinese language where most of the younger generations have lots of difficulties in.”

Making the switch from the corporate world to business, it was difficult initially for Leon and Willy to adapt. “Our biggest hurdle was ourselves! You need to convince yourself as there are a lot of changes and sacrifices to be made.”

To overcome the initial struggles, both Willy and Leon had to read a lot, running the gamut from different genres of books to bibliography. Interestingly, both of them found that there were a lot to be learnt from the knowledge taught in the book and it taught them how to deal with life and people.

When asked on what differentiates the school from its competitors, Willy had a different perspective. “Don’t look at them as competitors. We all have the same goal in getting the fundamentals of Chinese education right and helping our children and students master the Chinese language. We care about that. Furthermore, we are not a tuition centre; we are a professional Chinese language school. There are a lot of energy and interaction in class and our dedicated teachers love children and understand students’ learning behaviors.”

The company has been around for the past 10 years and the foundation is strong. Moving ahead, Leon and Willy intend to look into expansion via franchise / ownership but the business partners need to share the same passion they have built and strive on .

To them, entrepreneurship is about having the opportunity to correct a system. “Look at the trend, keep asking questions and what makes sense keep it; what not then jettison it.” Willy espoused.

Sharing their views on the secrets of success, both of them felt that Creativity, Innovation and Perseverance are important for a business to thrive. “You must have the perseverance to brave through the tough times and also the creativity and innovation to take the company forward. Without sound ideas which evoke people’s attention, the
company cannot survive. Then again, do not be afraid of failures. You should not think of profit first but rather come out with the products and services that serve and benefit others because when people have good reviews about your products and services, business will eventually thrive.”

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