Mix Box Interior Pte. Ltd.

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Wilson Wong
Mr. Johnson Chen
Mr. Shawn Goh

No one can be certain about the future and therefore we must continue to be flexible and adaptable so that we can react quickly to the needs of our customer and the market place. Change is onerous to adhere, it is about getting out of your comfort zone and that requires a profusion of courage. Nevertheless, in an entrepreneurship, the volatility of success should not be underestimated. Mix Box Interior Pte Ltd is a successful interior design firm; adept in the proffering of space planning, conceptualize of creative ideas exterior and interior design and many other more!

The men behind Mix box Interior that leads the company to numerous of success are Mr Wilson Wong, Mr Johnson Chen and Mr Shawn Goh, who had founded this industry stronghold with many years of experience on his hilt. “We decided to start off our own business in this field as we had much exposure, having spent a lot of time in this industry. This way, we could serve what we know best to our customers.” Wilson put into works on their decision to initiate their choice of commerce.

Johnson then explained how the name was concocted, “All interior design is done within a box itself, it is about how you mix and match your concept into the box given to you. Through mixing of color, space planning and even pieces of furniture, we can turn a simple box into your dream home. That is how we derive the name Mix Box Interior.”

Mix Box Interior is composed by a team of young dynamic interior designers, each equipped with cast experience and in-depth knowledge in this industry. Their passion is seen through their meticulous work and listening to their customer wants and needs; hence, they are able to conceptualize customers’ dreams into a practical and achievable reality. Been versatile in their works and also taking into consideration of the ever changing markets, Mix Box Interior constantly push their boundaries to produce works of true creativity in delivering customers their dream home.

Having dealt with numerous residential and commercial projects, with proper cognizance of how things works; the trend and competition ensued from this particular industry, and a rich background in this region and knowledge acquired from past experiences, Mix Box Interior initial foray into the Singapore market is a cinch.

“We had manpower issues like most other companies out there.” Johnson continued, “This may still be our problem even till today, as finding people with the right attitude especially in this onerous industry might be difficult.” However, believing in nothing is impossible the 3 Directors never once lose heart. “We hire both experience and in-experience designer, and we will train them step by step. Though attaching them with a senior designer, they are able to learn more through on-the job learning.”

“Our motivation initially, is to prove to others who had belittled us at the beginning. Many said that we won’t be able to make it in this highly competitive industry, but we did. However, this motivation slowly changed, and now it is derived from the relationship we have with the customers. We like to thrive to serve them better.” Shawn then continued “In my personal opinion, a good entrepreneur should always sustain a good relationship with his clients. It’s a form of fundamental respect.”

“Entrepreneurship is about creating something new from nothing, to groom it and make it grow.” Wilson divulged. “I think that honesty is important in business. You should be very opened and transparent, and deliver every promise to both business partners and customers.” Johnson gave a description on the qualities needed to be a supreme entrepreneur. “Be determined in what you do. To start a business, it’s not just working from morning to evening. You should get involved in everything and there are a lot of administrative works to be done.” Shawn advocated on how arduous an entrepreneurship can be.

Wilson then gave an outlook on the expansion plans ahead of Mix Box Interior: “I am very optimistic about the Interior industry in the coming few years, we will definitely wide on the wave, and take this opportunity to expand more outlets in the different parts of Singapore.” Shawn also added: “Besides just expanding, we will need to strengthen all our designer skills and experience as well.”

Just like their tagline “Challenging Dreams into Reality”, Mix Box Interior will continuously strive to challenge your concept and turn you dream home into reality. Mix Box Interior’s leadership is certainly second to none. By improvisation and proffering quality service, it is a cinch that Mix Box Interior is at fore of the industry.

Contact Details:
24 Sin Ming Lane #04-97 Midview City
T| 6684 9001
F| 6684 9089
E| enquiry@mixboxinterior.com

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