KMS Industrial

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Khor Meng Son

An excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way variable. It requires an excellent, assiduous man, to be able to proficiently manage the nuances of metal. He needs to be brave, confident, diligent; hardworking.

Such a man is Mr Khor Meng Son, who initiated KMS Industrial; named eponymous after himself. KMS Industrial is a stark leader, yielding impeccable services ranging from simple; yet difficult to master, powder coating; the application of thermoplastic or thermoset polymer to forge a hard coating for metal, to major tasks such as mechanical assembly. “I chose to commence on my own entrepreneurship, as i do not want to be confined to a ceiling. I want to go further, excel beyond my horizons.” replied Mr Khor, upon why he chose to establish his own business.

As always, experience counts in being propitious in the roaring trade. Sporting prior experience in coherent industrial sectors, managing the ropes of the business is a cinch to him. The business was fraught with impediments when inaugurated though. “Our very first customer was skeptical due to our small manpower of just 4. They thought we were incompetent.” added Mr Khor. Under the fore of Mr Khor’s adept management, incompetence wasn’t a hinder. A minuscule manpower problem was naught. The company soon contradicts with impressions made at start.

“We were working to the bones; we did countless testings, to ensure utmost quality and precision. We have wonderful workers who continuously ameliorate themselves. We weren’t complacent; neglectful. We look at every problem facing us, and solve them with a proper resolution.” Mr Khor explained, upon how he resolutes his problems.

Mr Khor’s sows had enabled him to purchase a 46000 square feet building, with a huge success and financial gains. Along with his reaps are a large customer pool, and a much larger workforce of 90, as compared to commencement.

Outstanding services, fair pricing, impeccable quality control. Along with a responsible workforce, with impressible aptness; makes KMS Industrial one of a kind in the roaring trade. Leaving no space for impetuosity. Mr Khor plans to expand his business to hinterland countries such as Malaysia; Penang.

“Entrepreneurship is all about refining. Having the hardwork, bravery to kick a notch up. Pushing yourself to the maximum to see how far you could go.” Mr Khor said, upon his definition of entrepreneurship. “My family, especially my wife, and 2 younger brothers had spurred me on so far.”

“Success comes intrinsic when an entrepreneur has much wisdom and knowledge to his hilt. An easy-going relationship, allowing frenetic connections. Confidence is integral. But, most importantly, moral values and ethics plays a big role.” Mr Khor advocates. “Time is a ticker, so work your utmost. Knowing your strengths and flaws would aid in attaining the next level.” Mr Khor added.

“We will continue to improve productivity and quality, giving our customers a high level of confidence. I am very glad to receive this award, and would also like to thank all our customers and clients. Thank you.” Mr Khor thanked assuringly.

Contact Details:
4 Woodlands Walk S(738248)
T| 6852 7501
F| 6852 9436

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