Kalo Beauty

Website: www.kalobeauty.com

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Pern Pang
Ms. Lim Yen Yen

There’s no genius behind success. It’s persistence and listening to people. With persistence, an entrepreneur can exterminate any stumblingblocks between him and success. This is certainly true for couple Mr and Mrs Pang, leaders of Kalo Beauty; a business, which proffers beauty services for the masses, such as face, facial treatment and hair removal services. Initiated in 2007, as a one-man show, Kalo Beauty had flourished prolifically. Within 1 year of establishment, Kalo Beauty had expanded an additional branch, a remarkable feat.

“In 2007, both of us have the desire to start our own businesses. We see no potential working under somebody else.” Mr Pang elucidated upon why the couple chose to initiate their entrepreneurship. Kalo Beauty’s progress was so fecund that by 2008, the pair opened a second outlet in Tampines, a heartland neighbourhood in Singapore. This spontaneous progression was due to Mrs Pang’s litheness in the industry, as she explains: “We see the potential in the trade, as service is always a demand in Singapore.”

Before the high comes the low, “We were severely shorthanded during the start, as Kalo Beauty was an one man show.” the duo commiserated. “We also met problems seeking for a good location, as we were new, we weren’t prominent in the market yet.” Perturbed by these setbacks, the pair was staunched to extirpate these impediments. “We kept looking out for right locations to situate our business upon. We also started advertising campaigns in roadshows, Internet, newspapers, and word of mouth. Through the process, we also received many referrals by customers.” Mrs Pang expounded on how Kalo Beauty vanquished these setbacks. Nevertheless, it is Kalo Beauty’s professionalism and profound knowledge which garnered the likes of customers.

Aside from these implementations, Kalo Beauty possesses a notion that perpetual quality services must be offered in order for success to prevail. “We only provide quality services.” Mrs Pang asserted. “We also assure results to be seen by our customers.” Mr Pang continued. With such pluperfect caliber, Kalo Beauty was already on the path to success. The company grew tremendously, obtaining success.

“We are certainly happy about receiving the SOE 2011 award. It’s a significance which displays our success in this industry.” Mrs Pang disclosed her jubilance regarding Kalo Beauty’s achievements. “Notwithstanding that, we are also happy to see how fast our company grew from its start.” Mr Pang responded.“ Entrepreneurship to me is a goal & ambition alongside doing your best to achieve the best for future and career.” Mr Pang interpreted his denotation upon entrepreneurship.

Throughout Kalo Beauty’s operations, the couple has been proponents towards each other, spurring each other, along with Kalo Beauty to success. A good entrepreneur does not throw in the towel despite how hard things are. “A successful entrepreneur must be able to accept failure. Only if an entrepreneur is able to stand up once if he falls, he can be considered as a successful entrepreneur.” Mr Pang also divulged his opinion on a successful entrepreneur. “A successful entrepreneur should also have focus, he or she must set a goal, and do not sidetrack from it.” Mrs Pang added on. “Most importantly, an entrepreneur
must have perseverance and persistency.”

The leaders were also enthralled to share Kalo Beauty’s plans for expansion: We will be expanding our Tampines branch in terms of size to provide better services for our customers.” Mr Pang also added.

Contact Details:
807 Yishun Ring Road
#01-4211 S(760807)
T| 6756 0727
E| kalobeauty@yahoo.com.sg

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