Joy Ventures Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Joy Mahbubani

Failure is a word Miss Joy Mahbubani and Miss Dayah Hassan do not succumb to. Failure will never overtake both women when their determination to succeed is strong enough. Joy Ventures’; eponymous to Miss Joy’s name, success is a culmination of willpower to succeed, supreme leadership, perpetual hard work and great proficiency. Initiated in 2006, Joy Ventures is a company, which proffer event-organizing services for clients from the boutique and corporate sector.

Miss Joy was a banker by training when she first came to Singapore. “I soon realized that my experience could help add value to other people’s personal lives in a business environment.” Miss Joy made this revelation, on her motive to start Joy Ventures; to add value and serve this industry better. “To me, entrepreneurship is a natural thing for me.” Miss Joy indicated. Miss Dayah; possessing an adroit talent for creativity, rejoined: “Most corporate events are set up in a very standard manner. We believe we could provide a more customized service to cater clients specifically to their requirements.” Miss Joy started going about, undertaking tasks free of charge. Soon, she faced her first impediment; transitioning from engaging tasks for free, to getting paid from it. “It’s natural for customers to expect more when they are paying for the job.” Miss Joy ruminated. With a higher expectancy from customers, a more substantial requisite has to be met. “Many expected me to fail, when I was awarded one of the major contracts. There were many more established companies out there.”

Through endless learning and ardent hard work, Joy Ventures managed to make its break, successfully set about to complete major tasks without hitches. “Hard work is never an issue to me, I can work for days to get the job done successfully.” Miss Joy expounded how she managed to vanquish over the setbacks faced in her entrepreneurship. “As we did numerous satisfied jobs, our rapport grew from there and our network grew too.” Miss Dayah stated. Due to Joy Ventures’ prominence and prowess in this line, clients soon began referring potential clients to the company. Despite so, Miss Joy, being an ethical entrepreneur would adhere to her staunched principal; Integrity. As the proverb goes: You should not bite more than you can chew, Joy Ventures would only partake in projects the company specializes in. “We would also go the extra mile to oversee everything our customers needs to the smallest specific requirements.” Miss Dayah regarded. “We also have a large network as our priority is always our clients’ interests. Everything else can wait.” Miss Joy added.

Such proficiency and intricate attention to even the minutiae of their tasks helped Joy Ventures garnered many dignified achievements. In 2007, Joy Ventures collaborated with Asia Professional Speakers to organize Asia Pacific Speakers Summit 2007 (APSS) with resulted in resounding success. In 2011, Joy Ventures managed to conduct Joyful Women; a celebration to mark the 100th Anniversary for International Women’s day. With more than 200 women attending this pro bono, half-day conference, for an afternoon of learning, connecting and celebrating women, Joyful Women was also a great opportunity to reciprocate as attendees managed to divulge their knowledge being a woman to help make lives more competent and enriching. The event concluded with resplendent success; giving leverage to the attendees and Joy Ventures itself. Joy Ventures also managed to complete a multitude of tasks successfully; adding on to the hilt of their success. “All of our clients are referred to us from our clients.” Miss Joy shared. Amazing, when one comes to the realization that the company does not have any form of marketing means. “This proves Joy Ventures’ reputation as a company” Along the journey of entrepreneurship, both Miss Joy and Miss Dayah had managed to build a circle of friends that they can rely on anytime, giving a richer definition to entrepreneurship.

“To me, entrepreneurship is the given opportunity for me to express my thoughts and ways of doing things. It’s a process of adding value to other people’s personal lives in a business environment. Making money is without doubt essential for a business. However, a business which just knows how to make money is a lousy business.” Miss Joy elucidated. “Entrepreneurship is also the ability to have fun and work at the same time. Nevertheless, you have be serious from a business perspective, but have fun working at the same time.” Miss Dayah revealed. Miss Joy added on: “Entrepreneurship is also the process of using the gifts you already have and adding value to people’s lives. To make the world a more enriching and beneficial place to live in.” Miss Joy then shed the light on her motivation and inspiration. “My mother, and my father.” Miss Joy adjourned, “My mother’s belief is ‘to give is to receive.’ I have based my entrepreneurship on this belief and I have gained from it. My father, he had instilled amazing discipline in me. Without it, I would not be able to reach where I am today.”

Through Joy Ventures’ journey to success, one can fathom the humility, remarkable leadership, and the quality of integrity exuded from it. If together, nothing is impossible. If divided, all will fail. “You do not always know what to do for everything. That is where you need a team to help you build your business.” Miss Joy asserted the importance of having a marvelous team. “If you run your own business, you have to be 100% committed to it. Commitment is an important quality needed in order to succeed.” Miss Joy added. Miss Joy then advocated: “Do not be afraid to fail.” Miss Joy paused for a moment: “Failure is not willing to get up, the minute you get up, it’s already a success. If you do fail, just get back up and try again.”

When asked if the company has any plans for expansion, the pair’s faces lit up in jubilation. “Definitely!” Miss Joy replied. “In terms of company strength, we are still small, but we have worked with many companies managing corporate events.” Miss Joy added: “We started Joyful Women which is a conference catered for women clients. We are planning to expand it in this direction, and we are hopeful that it would help our company soar as a result.”

With both Miss Joy and Miss Dayah at fore, Joy Venture shall proliferate in profusions perpetually.

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133 New Bridge Roa #17-07
Chinatown Point S(059413)
T| 6635 3191
F| 6635 3199

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