Images of Wisdom Production

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Julian Kwong

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video, is worth a million words. Infused them together in an entrepreneurship and what you get is an impregnable entrepreneurial stronghold. Photography is a phenomenal and intriguing art, it allows us to capture the moments of our lives, be it joyous or lugubrious. In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. You do not take a photograph; you make it.

Images of Wisdom Production was commenced in 2005 by Mr Julian Kwong. The company displays its adroitness in media production; specializing in Videography, Photography and Post-Production. Its gamut of services includes production of commercials, corporate videos, events and wedding videos. Mr Kwong then elucidated his conception for starting out Images of Wisdom: “The company was started out of keen interest for the media industry. I had the dream of using creative ideas to make my pictures tell interesting and innovative stories. This explains the name ‘Images of Wisdom.’” Mr Kwong explicated on the name of the company, Images of Wisdom. Mr Kwong added: “Starting from an intern in videography, I started doing research in the media industry and learnt the skills through various productions. Eventually, I fell in love with what I am doing and the rest is history.” Mr Kwong then defined why he loves his job: “To me, a picture can speak a thousand words. And of course, a motion picture or video can speak what, a million words? I love to capture the special moments in life and making people; be it our clients or the cast and crew involved, smile at the end of the day.”

It is inevitable for an entrepreneurship to meet some undulations in its path during its initiation. No business runs smooth sailing. “When we started the company, one of the main challenges we faced was that many people in the industry felt we were too young for the job. Furthermore, the lack of experiences in the industry gave people doubt about the company and our business.” Mr Kwong reminisced over the tough times faced when initiating Images of Wisdom. “We overcame these challenges by proving to people we are hard-workers and are always willing to learn new things.” Mr Kwong added. Ethics plays a big part in an entrepreneurship; it was no different for Images of Wisdom. “We also believe that respect and honesty are crucial traits the company must develop if we want our clients to believe us. We were always ready to try different styles of media production work to suit a diverse audience. Through various trials and tribulations, we were able to overcome the difficulties and problems of the business.”

Through the adversities faced, Mr Kwong was also able to meet supportive clients; who had stuck with the company as it prospered through the years. “During our start-up period, our first clients who supported us eventually became friends of ours. The company always believes that clients are more than just clients.” Mr Kwong adjourned. “We treat our clients like friends, but at the same time, we remain to be professional in our services. To date, we are still in contact with most of our initial clients, and they have also gave us lots of referrals throughout the years.” Mr Kwong then continued: “To us, money is not everything. We believe in credits and a sense of accomplishment. So for us, we do not just want clients and high profile jobs. We want to accomplish something and in turn make our clients satisfied with our services.” Indeed, a business that only cares about fiscal profits is an abominable business. Images of Wisdom’s proficiency in this line had helped resulted in an astounding success for the company. “The majority of our clients have feedback to us positively, and that to us is the biggest achievement. Our network of clients has also expanded since the company started.” Mr Kwong regarded. “We strongly believe good word of mouth have made this possible. Besides running some promotions, I believe our strong relationship with our clients is what made our network wider. So our, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.” Mr Kwong expressed his gratitude.

“With greater power comes greater responsibility.” Mr Kwong commented upon being an entrepreneur. “So being an entrepreneur means I have to take various stress and pressure. Definitely we face new challenges from day to day and overcoming them was not easy. There were clients with tough demands but we always try our best to fulfill the requirements and believing we could do it.” When asked what motivates and inspires him to succeed, Mr Kwong rejoined: “Family and friends without doubt motivates us to work harder and achieve success. Our team is like a family, and we have motivated and inspired one another throughout the years.” Mr Kwong then shed the light on how to be a successful entrepreneur: “Self-belief, perseverance and definitely a never-say-die attitude.” Mr Kwong paused for a moment, “You will always face people who do not believe in you, or try to put you down. At the end of the day, we need to believe YES WE CAN. And indeed WE CAN.” Mr Kwong exclaimed fervently.

Mr Kwong then advocated: “Yes, it is good to have dreams. Also, you cannot just reach to the skies immediately.” Immediate success makes one think too highly of himself. “Start from something small, or if you need, start from absolute scratch. If money is the primary reason why you want to start your own business, then maybe you should think twice. Remember, not all business turn to high profits. So if you have the drive and passion, sure, why not? Good luck!” Mr Kwong blessed budding entrepreneurs.

In entrepreneurship, the ball is not always constantly in your court. As Mr Kwong expounded: “Well, of course we want the company to expand further. Unfortunately, that is not something we have full control of. What we can do is to continue to provide professional, friendly and fair services to our clients.” Mr Kwong divulged on Images of Wisdom’s perpetual pursuance of perfection. “We would also like to try to expand into the film industry if we are able to find the right people to work with.” Mr Kwong concluded.

Images of Wisdom’s success shall be in perpetuity with such a superlative team and a supreme leader like Mr Kwong at its fore.

Contact Details:
112 Whampoa Road
#05-75 S(321112)
T| 9829 2969


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