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Mr. Miyata Koji

Mr Miyata Koji, who has been integrating Japanese traditional interior designs since 2002, when he founded Idbox Singapore. Under the fore of Mr Miyata, Idbox has proliferated in such a way it¹s currently one of the prime choices of interior designing in Singapore, in the aspect of commercial space; for both retail and office use. ³I was studying interior design in Japan, when I realized that I enjoy observing the interior design of retail shops; whereas they gave a warm, welcoming feeling to the customers. This is oddly special. My passion then grew from there.² Mr Miyata ruminated nostalgically about his early interior designing days.

What makes Idbox so discerning is its innate ability to acculturate the wants of clients in local Asia context. Being situated in Singapore for more than a decade, Mr Miyata is able to fathom every clients¹ request; in an explicit manner, down to every intricacy, comprehensively. With such an extent of finesse in the interior designing aspect, Mr Miyata, along with Idbox, are able to fabricate designs that are both appealing and distinctive for his clients.

As a Japanese, what makes Mr Miyata exceptional is his attention to interpersonal relationships; both to his staffs, and his customers alike. ³As a Japanese, I like to encourage the value of harmony.² Mr Miyata explicated. Mr Miyata would empathize and aid workers, customers in need as a personal obligation. ³Being a leader, i have to ensure the sinews of my staffs in order to excel. This way, the group in whole benefits.² Mr Miyata commented upon his task, in honing inspiring staffs with the same vision: customer satisfaction.

³There¹s always a fair share of challenges with customers in the industry as well.² Mr Miyata added. Singapore, being a cosmopolitan country resulted in a richly cultured society. ³With so many different races and cultures around, it’s sometimes challenging to keep a strong relationship with customers. But we always manage it well.² Mr Miyata maintained that communications with his customer is one of the key aspects to being preeminent in the industry. ³It¹s certainly difficult to keep up with so many language barriers around; you know, my English is not so good.² Mr Miyata jokingly remarked.

Despite starting out with manpower difficulties, as the company was superintended with only 2 people, Idbox was able to strive due to its professionalism and designing prowess it possesses. ³By keeping up with current trends, and providing quality work, we are able to sustain the business as clients thronged in from the word of mouth conveyed by our customers.² Mr Miyata retorted. By diligently meeting expectations and conceptions with accordance to customers’ needs; through efficiency maximization, Mr Miyata and Idbox are able to pull through as one of the finest in the industry.

To hit such a high threshold in interior design and interior designing, it¹s pertinent for Mr Miyata to have a sharp eye for details. ³If a screw isn¹t tight enough, i would somehow feel it, and it would bug me for the whole day.² Mr Miyata said, with glint on his face. Mr Miyata also had to go the extra mile; he would personally micromanage the whole project until its completion. ³This way, we could expect the desired goal we had in mind. Customer satisfaction.² Mr Miyata explained. Sometimes, Mr Miyata also had to work along with carpenters to derive at the ultimate result. ³Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Once, there was a customer, wanting to use a sentimental piece of furniture and incorporate it into our design. To ensure customer satisfaction, we specially created a concept to bind it in seamlessly.² Mr Miyata quoted an instance where he went the extra mile in order to satisfy customers.

Mr Miyata was initially working for a company, where the idea of initiating his own designing firm dawned upon him . ³Partly, it¹s due to the encouragement given by friends, clients and colleagues all around² Mr Miyata expounded his motivation to be an entrepreneur. ³Mainly, i like to show my personal capabilities through my works. Moreover, I decided to open my own interior designing company so as to levitate the standards of commercial space designs.²

Clients have high regards for Mr Miyata is due to his persistence for excellence; which Mr Miyata dubbed it as ³Perfection out of Perfection.² Another aspect of Mr Miyata¹s competence is the innate ability to satisfy customers; being able to stick with them through thick and thin as they prosper through the years. There’s no secret to satisfying customers, if I am honest.  It’s all about responsibilities. It¹s the price of greatness.² Mr Miyata advocated.

Mr Miyata entrepreneurial success is a result of perseveration, innovation and perpetual amelioration to do better for customers. To be able to meet the high expectations and conceptions of clients, both their needs and wants and a strong, fervent, undying passion towards his work. Along with the value of empathy, resulting in an inspiring team to work along, and the ability to not only meet customers¹ utmost satisfaction, but also gain a place in their heart, much obliged to this regard.

Right now, Idbox is planning to stratify its operations by venturing into office designs. “If it works out well, we shall put it into business.² Mr Miyata shed some light on Idbox¹s future plans. ³We are also planning to expand into neighboring countries, preferably Malaysia, and start a physical office there, with local workers. So we are able to impart our design concepts to neighboring countries.² Mr Miyata added.

With such a high proficiency, and an impressive leader like Mr Miyata, Idbox¹s venture into the hinterland countries would be a welcome addition.

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273 Thomson Road #03-03/04
Novena Garden S(307644)
T| 6338 8969
F| 6338 8968

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