Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ivan Yeo

Interior design is not an inspirational business, it’s a rational procedure to do sensible and beautiful things. To be able to fabricate such rationality, but along with beauty which could be palpable requires a strong passion and interest.

iChapter is the brainchild of Mr Ivan Yeo, a reputable Interior designing firm. Functionality infused with aesthetics, accessible space with a touch of beauty. iChapter offers the ablest interior designing, regardless if it’s a minor spiffing up, or a major gild, in a modest price.

Mr Yeo started off as an interior designer at the tender age of 24, working at an interior designing branch. 3 years later, Mr Yeo capitalized his opportunity as soon as he stepped out of his previous company. He decided to take the plunge into the rough seas with bravado and run his own interior-designing firm. His strong motivator comes from his own personal interest. “I enjoy every moment of Interior Designing, as I am able to beautify homes for the pleasure of everyone.” said Mr Yeo.

iChapter was commenced in 2008. Today, it has a much significant manpower than what it was pioneered. Mr Yeo has to hone his team, and he has done so prolifically. In the time span of just three years, the establishment has miraculously multiplied by nearly three times its size when it started. Commendable for a small-medium enterprise.

Life isn’t full of ups. It wasn’t easy to do the roaring trade. Firstly, Mr Yeo had to start everything from scratch. He does not have much guidance, and had to learn everything by trial and error, himself. Secondly, it was the financial crisis; customers are hard to come by. Even so, he managed to pull it through with good rapports from his clients, being able to build up trust, fraternizing with them. Thus, word of mouth got to the ears of people, and customers started streaming into his favor incessantly. “The secret to my success is to be able to provide quality designs, with pithy of creativity and new ideas. Sincerity counts. Nobody wants to work with a person who doesn’t convict his utmost.” Mr Yeo, an astute and pugilistic man, full of willpower and grit. It was arduous –but he saw success.

Not being complacent, Mr Yeo aspires to expand his trade, locally and abroad. By having more employees adroit in multifarious aspects, such as creativity and management skills, in order to ramify productivity. “Interior designs in Taiwan and China are rather conservative, I personally perceive I could make a difference and create a whole new revolution in interior designing.”, he said.

In regards to his thoughts on entrepreneurship, Mr Yeo answered, without a moment, “Entrepreneurship is the ability to go to another stage, to maximize one’s full potential to see how far he can attain through his own abilities.”

“I would like to thank my team for being with me through all thick and thin. So are my clients, who over the years had given me so much support. Thank you so much!”, exclaimed an extremely thankful Mr Yeo, who justifies this award on behalf of his team, loyal customers. With many successive superior values incorporated in Mr Yeo, iChapter will go a long way for the future under his command.

Contact Details:
505 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
#01-2674 S(560505)
T| 6456 2676
F| 6456 0026
E| enquiry@i-chapter.com.sg

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