Sleek Interior Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Francis Wong
Mr. Lee Hock Beng

If working together, nothing is impossible. If divided, all will things fall apart. At the end of the day, success is about teamwork and partnership. Initiated in 29 March 2011, Sleek Interior Pte Ltd is a fledging company turned into realization under the partnership of both Mr Francis Wong and Mr Lee Hock Beng.

Sleek Interior – indicating the company’s creativity and hard work; to serve the society. Sleek Interior is a company that is dedicated in giving a distinctive signature and innovative character to every residential and commercial project through creative design that performs not only in terms of concept and aesthetics but also of function. Sleek Interior is established to enhance the functions and quality of interior design and the need to satisfy our clients with our dedication to good interior solutions and value for money pricing. With an eye for functionality and aesthetics balance.

Sleek Interior is equipped with a team of experienced design talents and project executives who takes pride in every project that they undertake with the client’s requirement and needs on top of their list. True to this vision, Sleek Interior has, for over a decade, dedicated itself to creating designs that are imbued with a personal, intimate understanding of our clientele’s unique, individual needs.

“Personally, I have been in the industry for more than 10 years, along with Mr Lee Hock Beng’s expansive experience, it gives us full confidence in starting Sleek Interior.” Mr Wong elucidates. “Our aim for Sleek Interior is to be one of the top interior design firms in Singapore and to promote ideas and creativity to home-owners at an affordable price.” Mr Lee added.

“When Sleek Interior first commenced, we were faced with a competition problem, as we were still new and many doubted our ability.” Mr Wong ruminated upon the hitches Sleek Interior faced at its starts. Nevertheless, the unyielding partners did not throw in the towel and began working on the problem tenaciously. They hired new graduate and send them for proper training to increase their product knowledge and design knowledge. As leaders of the company, being sanguine about Sleek Interior‘s range of products brings success one step closer into the palms of Mr Wong and Mr Lee. “We are very assertive about our quality and services, and we believe this gives confidence to clients as well.” Mr Lee continued.

Being able to triumph over the obstacles means that Sleek Interior is a company made of mettle; one that could not easily be decimate. This proficiency shows prominently when one sees that Sleek Interior is a company built upon multitudes of experience and its proffering of quality work. Thus, Sleek Interior’s strength makes discriminating itself from its competition effortless. Attributable to this fact, Sleek Interior had managed to establish a prolific number of clients since its commencement. “I believe success in on the way for us.” Mr Lee regarded with elation.

With a closely knitted working culture in Sleek Interior, it’s no wonder why the entire employee chooses to stay in Sleek Interior since the commencement of the company. “Being able to see all my boys turning into men it’s the greatest achievement and motivation in my life. Especially during my down times, they are the ones that keep me moving and energized. ” Mr Wong expounded.

Addressing young people aspiring to start their own business, Mr Wong encourages, “Go after your passion with creativity, hard work and leadership quality. All success comes with a price, you need to put in a lot of effort and hard work to see your dreams come to pass. Entrepreneurship is very self-dependent and must be cultivated. It all boils down to how far you are willing to go.”

With so much devotion for self-improvement and a very focused leaders like Mr Wong and Mr Lee taking the lead, it is without doubt a greater success is on the horizon for Sleek Interior.

Contact Details:
No. 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square 1 #02-38
T| 6247 7977
F| 6247 7718

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