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Mr. Danial Lim

“Your company is highly recommended by my friend.” said one of Cayman Management Consultants Pte Ltd’s clients the moment she stepped foot into the office. With little advertisement and marketing done, such compliments bear testament to the quality of service provided and the company’s reputable name in the immigration industry.

Cayman Management Consultants is one of Singapore’s leading immigration & business consultancy firms, specializing in Singapore immigration matters in the spectrum of Singapore Permanent Residency Applications, Work Pass Applications and other Visa related applications as well as business management consultancy services such as Business Incorporation, Corporate Secretariat services and Accounting & Tax related services.

“I have always believed that more work can be done to improve the immigration industry. It always ring true to me that when you want a thing done well, you have to do it yourself.

So here I am, doing it myself.” Mr Danial Lim, director of Cayman Management Consultants Pte Ltd, shared about the reasons behind his vision to set up the company.

Recounting his initial struggles when the company first started, Mr Lim recalled poignantly his difficulty in time management and manpower issues. “Like many new business start up, I did not have the necessary cash flow to bring on full time staff. Hence, I’m often a “one man show” wearing many hats that include legal, accounting, marketing, advertising, public relations and sales for my business.” Nevertheless, Mr Lim added that it was also during this period of time that he picked up different skill sets which he had not done before.

In addition, the biggest hurdle for Mr Lim was to overcome the “Age Bias” stigma. Being a young entrepreneur, he encountered many who assumed that he was merely an unrealistic idealist with no “traditional corporate experience” hence he was not taken seriously.

To overcome all the obstacles, Mr Lim had to re-evaluate his business strategy. For a start, he re-evaluated all of his activities and roles by short listing the top revenue generating activities and placing the different roles according to their importance. Thereafter, a schedule was drawn up to indicate expected timeline for the business to enlarge the team in order to handle more activities and eased the manpower crunch issue.

To overcome detractors who had no confidence in young entrepreneurs, Mr Lim drew strength from the critics by aspiring to prove them wrong. “I am one that will never let other opinions deter me but to prove them otherwise. One has to be flexible in order to blend well with this society, I realised this along the way.” Mr Lim espoused.

Hence, what made Cayman Management Consultants Pte Ltd a cut above the rest in the industry? Mr Lim elaborated, “We analysed the immigration industry on a quarterly basis and evaluate all the past cases we received since our inception and have since developed a success formula of up to 90% success rate for our services in Work Pass and Permanent Residency applications. We are always fine tuning our success formula in order to increase if not maintain its relevancy and effectiveness. To date, our success rate has surpassed 93% and we are confident this will hold.”

In addition, the company is also one of the few leading immigration firms in Singapore to accurately determine the factors needed to increase clients’ chances of approval in PR & Work Pass Applications. “We are also known for taking on clients seeking Permanent Residency who faced prior immigration challenges and have successfully turnaround the situations for them.” Mr Lim explicated with pride.

When quizzed on the secrets behind Mr Lim’s motivation to further excel, he expounded that he would keep up with other entrepreneurs through networking session such as BNI. “They never fail to inspire me to do better.”

Lastly, Mr Lim has some words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to be like him one day. “One needs to be highly self-motivated and not be afraid to ask questions. There must be willingness to fail and learn from it. You need to learn to be resourceful and have an open-mind to be successful in business. My advice is that there is no right or wrong time to start a business as long as one has done sufficient homework to justify that there is demand in the market. In another word, so long as there is a market share not served, that makes room for another business. Do not be afraid to take the first step out of your comfort zone. The end result is one that is fulfilling and meaningful.”

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