Top93 Sports Rim


Names of Recipients:
Mr. Seng Han Yang
Mr. Eric Chiam

Top93 Sports Rim was founded in 2011 and its services include sport rims, BCEC, which is its main product, DC Forged Wheels, which can be customised off set as well as the colour and design. Others include Vertini Wheels and continental cars.

The directors of the company, Mr Seng Han Yang and Mr Eric Chiam, founded the company in 2011 due to their passion for cars. “I love to play with cars!” exclaimed Mr Seng with exuberance. Interestingly, Mr Chiam had never been in the industry prior to starting this business although he did have a rough idea of the industry. “It was basically my partner who was running the show as he was in the same industry previously. He had a lot of experience in this highly competitive industry,” Mr Chiam explained, highlighting Mr Seng’s wealth of experience being crucial in the partnership.

However, tyre branding, coupled with the intense competition within the industry, presented the directors with a plethora of problems as they needed to develop a clear niche in order to gain a big share of the market for the business. “We decided to bring in tyres from America as this gives us a certain advantage and uniqueness. We are the only company in Singapore to be carrying these 2 brands,” Mr Seng shared with confidence about the company’s strategy.

To differentiate themselves, the tyres that the company provide have big and beautiful rims which are of excellent quality. This certainly gave Mr Chiam’s company a direct edge over its rivals as business flourished with the provision of such rims as there was a very strong demand for good quality rims. Recounting the process in which the company managed to seal the deal for the rim, Mr Seng said, “Initially, this brand wanted to find a company to carry their rims in Singapore. It was through fate and Lady Luck that we managed to seal the deal as we got the favour from the company to agree to let us be its distributor locally.”

Sharing his views about what it means to be an entrepreneur, Mr Chiam felt that the toughest part is always going to be the initial period. “Taking that first step out is the hardest. To get out of your comfort zone and find yourself submerged with a deluge of problems will definitely take its toll on you. However, once you perseverance through this, it will be smooth sailing thereafter and all the effort will be worthwhile at the end of the day.” In addition, Mr Chiam advised that no matter how tough the going gets, there will always bound to be people who are there to help you through different challenges.

In addition, Mr Chiam advised potential entrepreneurs to be adventurous. “No risk, No gain!” Furthermore, he would be more than willing to teach people who needed advice on the means to go about achieving their dreams. “I will gladly share with them my experience and teach them how to start and make that first big step towards financial freedom and a meaningful and successful career of your own. To be best of my ability, I will help them if they face any difficulties as I know how it feels to be in that position – helpless and losing hope.”

In the near future, Mr Chiam aims to open another outlet at either the northern or the western side of the island with its current outlet being located at the east. The long term goal is to bring the company’s brand to other countries and be part of the globalised world.

With such lofty goals for his business, Mr Chiam attributes his motivation to his positive character whereby he feels that everything is possible and regardless of the dexterity of the issue, there will be an exit in the end of every tunnel. “Search for solutions and you will bind to find it. It is all about believe and perseverance.”

Contact Details:
51 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-07 Paya Ubi Industrial Park
T| 6748 0093
F| 6844 8831

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