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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Michelle Sam

“Pursue your dreams and passion. Believe in what you do. Never say never. Pursue a career that makes you happy and you can create your own future,” shared Michelle, director of Puricare Pte Ltd, as she gave her inputs for potential entrepreneurs.

Puricare Pte Ltd is a market leader in high quality and premium water dispensers, purification related products providing a “One-Stop” professional speciality.

“We are the sole distributor for Korean & European well-known brands in Water Dispensers & Purification Systems for Singapore and South East Asia region. We are also an importer/exporter and buying house for all kinds of Water Dispensers, Alkaline Dispensers, Water Coolers, Under Sink Dispensers, Water Filters, Leak Detector, Parts and Accessories to provide every human with a comfortable, healthy & Hygienic lifestyle. When you think of clean water, think of us,” Michelle described.

The decision to start her company was by pure coincidence. Michelle explained, “We met a friend of ours who is a research doctor and we were discussing about health wellness issues, thereby, an idea came and inspired us to set up this business, which is an essential part in everyone’s lives”

Recalling the tough period when the business first started, Michelle recounted, “First 9 months were very trying. Being new, people don’t really know of us and our brand. It is hard to convince people to have faith in our service.” Besides, it was really a tough experience having to handle nasty clients who have drilling questions for the directors at times. The resolve of the directors were also tested with the constant negative feedbacks raised from clients. To top it off, with a plethora of brands in the market for customers to choose from, competition is indeed rife in the industry.

Be that as it may, Michelle and her colleagues stayed focused, committed and were confident of solving all troubles eventually. “We must be positive in our products that we are selling, otherwise, how else can we convince our consumers?”

To differentiate her services, Michelle ensured her company always go the extra mile to give more value- added services and personalised communication for her clients. Honesty in what we sell, integrity in what we do and having prompt respond services will set us apart from the rest.”

In the next 5 years, Michelle aims to create brand awareness amongst a bigger pool of clients, expanding overseas and possibly venture into green industry.

Evidently, with such huge ambitions and a set of principles that they abide by, it is of no wonder that Michelle has a pool of loyal customers and working partners who always give their unwavering support.

Lastly, Michelle accredits her success to the support she received from her clients, partners and the incredible amount of effort her workers put into the company. “Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today and talking to you now. Needless to say, with perseverance, patience and a focused objective, success is just within touching distance.”

Contact Details:
24 Sin Ming Lane #07-91 Midview City
T| 6742 1629
F| 6659 7829
E| sales@puricare.com.sg

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