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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alan Teo

Liu Bei a well-known character in the Chinese culture -Three Kingdom, depict the strength and characteristic of what a successful person needed to posses in life. At a young age, Liu Bei lost his father and lost everything that he father past down to him. After which, he sold straw sandals and weaving straw mats with his mother. Wasn’t despair by his situation, he pursues his studies at the age of 15 and eventually organizes his own troops to fight against the insurrectionists along side with his two sworn brother. Promotion after promotion, in 221 BC, Liu Bei finally reclaimed himself emperor in Chengdu and established the Kingdome of Shu.

Bearing similar characteristic as Liu Bei, Mr Alan Teo; Managing Director of Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd established his 4th company in September 2011. Mr Teo has always been deeply inspired by the story throughout his life. “Failure doesn’t means it’s the end, we should learn how to pick ourselves up after a fall and to learn from our mistake.” Mr Teo expounded. With no experience, Mr Teo started his company. Many thought that he was crazy to jump into a business without knowing about the industry. Mr Teo think otherwise, he takes a step at a time, learn along the way despite there are mistake made, he took every challenge faced as an opportunity to grow. “There are many things un-taught in school, it’s only through experiencing it by yourself then will you learn.” Mr Teo said. Through his learning journey through the years, Mr Teo grew stronger and eventually opened up Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd – 4th companies occupying a floor space of 2,800 square feet located at one of the leading trade hubs in Singapore, The Vertex.

Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd is a home décor boutique specializing in Curtains, Wallpaper, Bathroom & Kitchen accessories and Lightings for residential and commercials purposes.
The conceptualization plan for his business came to Mr Teo’s Mind. “I was working in a similar industry for years. However, I decided to leave for good, as setting up my own business has always been my dream in life and I wanted to experience more.” Mr Teo reminisced the situation. Mr Teo was able to bring Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd into success with his proficiency. Nevertheless, the path to success was onerous, “it’s tough to start at the beginning, being new in the lighting & bathroom accessories’ industry, and I was unsure what to do and what customers are looking for.” Mr Teo disclosed these lugubrious instances.

Quitting is never a word found in the dictionary of a superlative entrepreneur such as Mr Teo. By thinking of Liu Bei in the story of the three kingdoms, it spurred and motivated Mr Teo of the challenges ahead of him. Thankfully, his perseverance paid off! People started to come in and words started to spread. “Sipario Gallery was vastly circulated, being made known among many people.” Mr Teo elucidated. Besides just following the crowd in this exigent industry, Mr Teo always stay ahead of the trend and import new items into the market.

Mr Teo then revealed Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd’s plan of expansion: “Firstly, we need to increase our sales and to handle bigger projects. Secondly, we are working on starting our own branding and introduce it into the market. Having our branding means we are able to have better control or the products quality and quantity, cater to different group of customers.” Customers’ satisfaction has always been Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd’s top priority. Receiving a simple thanks or praise on their products or service motivates everyone in the company. “To us, that is our greatest achievement!” Mr Teo said with a beam on his face. Clients have high regards for Mr Teo, due to his persistence for excellence. Another aspect of Mr Teo’s competence is the innate ability to satisfy customers; being able to understand every customer’s needs and liking. “To be honest, the secret to satisfying customers is to be responsible. It’s the price of greatness.” Mr Teo advocated.

Mr Teo entrepreneurial success is a result of his perseveration, determination and perpetual amelioration to strive for the best in everything he does. To be able to meet the high expectations of his clients, both their needs and wants, and a strong fervent passion toward his work are Mr Teo’s keys to success. “Set you mind on the goals you set in life, and go all out!” Mr Teo advised young budding entrepreneur who are planning to set up their business. “Importantly, do things you like the most and live a life with no regret. All else will fall into places eventually.” Mr Teo added.

With such a high proficiency, and an impressive leader like Mr Teo leading his team in Sipario Gallery Pte Ltd, it will continue to soar to a greater height and even beyond our imagination.

Contact Details:
33 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-72 Vertex
T| 6636 9336
F| 6636 8433

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