Tradeboard Trading & Manufacturer

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Victor Yong

Tradeboard Trading & Manufacturer is the fruit of labour of Mr Victor Yong, director of the company. The company is a manufacturer & exporter of genuine enamelled, porcelain, magnetic white board, black board, flip-charts, notice board, cork boards, cork meno and cork products.

Initially, Mr Tong was just a shareholder of the company. However, he eventually became the director when he took over the whole business. Mr Yong has vivid memories of the days whereby he first joined the company and the achievements it made along the way.

Recalling his initial days in the company, Mr Yong said that he was basically doing everything by himself. “There was no day nor night. We were running the business with limited manpower.”

Nevertheless, the company withstood the struggles and overcame them by “brainstorming for new ideas, keeping up with the latest trends and technology.”

In the near future, Mr Yong intends to let his son take over the company and “allow his creativity to flow” and in the process, bring better and newer products for people.

To Mr Yong, entrepreneurship is to want to improve the lives of people, bringing new things that can improve one’s life and requires innovation and creativity. “Perseverance is also very important as that allows me to pull through till today. Without such qualities, I would never have imagined myself to be where I am today. It takes real steely determination to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Explaining his source of motivation, Mr Yong espoused that “Everything is solvable, nothing is too hard to be overcome. No mountain is too high to be scalped. Sit down and think it through, examine all facets of the problems and you can definitely come out with alternatives to solve the problems.”

With that said, Mr Yong added that whether one becomes successful also “depends on himself and whether he has the willpower and teamwork to pull through together.”

Given a chance, Mr Yong would gladly share his experience with people who aspire to be like him. Mr Yong concluded, “I will want to share with them the processes and tell them how to make things happen, teach them some business methods and skills on dealing with people management.”

With such a meticulous leader running the front, the company certainly looks secure to face any challenges that come its way.

Contact Details:
Blk 9012 Tampines St 93 #03-167
T| 6781 9651/6786 6048
F| 6786 5925

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